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The Renaissance Aged Wood Reviews [view details]

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"I give it an "A""
I purchased this humidor about 2 months ago so I do not have a long history but … I wanted a larger humidor as I was over stuffing my normal “day to day” box. I picked this after looking around for over a month and kept coming back to this one. The order arrived and I was a little worried about the packing but it actually seemed quite secure. The item looked exactly as pictured so no surprises. I had a small issue with the humidifier tape not being quite sticky enough but a small dab of rubber cement solved that. I did need to calibrate the hydrometer but that went well (salt test) and also seasoned the box for 5 days with a Boveda One-Step Seasoning Kit. I then stocked it up with several size and brand cigars and closed it up. I had filled the humidifier with Xikar Propylene Glycol and added a Boveda “pouch” to the lower section. About a week later, I needed to re-stock my smaller box and opened this new one up. The seal felt very good and the humidity was perfect. So, my quick synopsis … Looks: Very Nice. Love the “aged” wood. Construction: So far, so good. Size: As advertised and perfect for my storage. Seal: Very good. Accessories: Very good with the one double sided tape issue. Side note: I was having issues with some of my very frail CT Wrapper cigars and after a couple of weeks in this puppy, the issues went away. Final Grade: I give it an “A”.
Dan in Middletown CT June 1, 2012