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'The Rookie' Cigar Smoker's Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Solid Starter"
The Humidor is a solid starter humidor, I have no issues with it for over a year now. As other reviews state no hygrometer one of the few downsides to this package deal. The cutters are ok, better than your plastic cutters, but certainly not a high quality. The plastic travel case is great but it will not fit your fatty cigars, 60 ring will not fit, but length is good can fit your 7" cigars. Good ash tray. Overall good buy for starters.
Kyle in Long Island NY November 5, 2012
Fantastic little thing, I needed one for work and it works great and looks great on my desk.
Robert in Illinois November 30, 2011
"not a bad buy but.."
Bought this a few weeks ago with a sampler pack, and I've got a few things to warn of. The cutter isn't great quality, it'll do but I'd say get a new one. the cigar travel case is a plastic one that can be hard to open. I do like however that it can support several types of cigars lengths. The ash tray is not bad, nothing flashy but that's not something needed. And lastly the humidor is nice. comes with a good seal, and was the perfect size for me. I picked this up for $35, and I don't think I'd pay anymore for it, but it's a great starter pack. just missing a hydrometer
Adam in Denver November 6, 2011
"The Rookie"
This package is a great starter kit for newbies,with one exception, no hygrometer, kind of an important piece of equpitment for a rookie to have.
Ron Garrison in So. Cal July 21, 2011
"great for beginers"
I found this well worth the moneyand a great first Humidor. The only change I would make is a Hygrometer instead of the cigar cuter as a lot of the famous cigar deals come with a free cuter.
donovan wood in adelaide australia July 13, 2011
"Worth the Price"
Very nice cutters solid construction, ash tray is nice simple, humidifier is your typical foam cheap 2 dollar which works fine with this humidor. (you will need to season the humidor, and get a hygrometer). The Humidor is actually very nice closer to 30 count if you smoke larger cigars. The quick travel case does not fit 54 to 60 ring cigars.
nybrkrkjs in NY March 29, 2011