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The Tradition Heritage Collection Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Poor quality control"
When I unwrapped this it seemed to be a beautiful humidor: nice finish and heavy. Seemed well constructed. Then I noticed that one of the cedar dividers was missing the felt on one side (the dividers are inserted using friction with the felt side linings). big deal, I figured, that's easy to fix. But then when I closed the lid I noticed that it did not close evenely. It was skewed and wobbled when you moved the one side that was ajar. QI makes a big deal about their "Sureseal" technology. I don't know how this got through quality control at the factory. The seal on a humidor is arguably its most important feature. Very dissappointed.
Julius S in Brick, NJ March 16, 2013
"Traditional Heritage specs are incorrect"
The dimensions given are for the exterior, not interior. This thing BARELY holds 75 cigars. Its nice but not nearly as roomy as the description states. If you want lots of room, get a different humidor.
Luke in Indiana May 4, 2009