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The Treasure Dome Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"High quality for a budget price!"
I have had this humidor for about a year. It looks great and I think well constructed. Nice tight seal - no complaints here. Looks like a high end $800 humidor but I don't tell my friends how much I paid for it!
Duke in Kansas City January 25, 2014
"Worse humidor I have ever used."
Received the humidor for Father's Day two years sgo.It fell apart this year. All the little screws fell out.
Norton in Woodbridge , Ct. September 11, 2012
"Love this Piece!"
Bought this after reviewing tons of different styles, & made a definite good decision, even though I'll never fit anything close to ~250 because the bigger the cigar the more likelier it is to be in my humidor. Got the bottom in two compartments with a hygro in each, and the stock hygro sitting on a top shelf. Always maintains good temps/humes if you stack it evenly, & took two days to break in. Wonderful.
Barak in Tel Aviv March 23, 2012
"Oh what a Treasure..."
Great humidor. Very easy to break in (4 days), Holds a ton of stuff. For maximum functionality, break the bottom reservoir in two, and use three hygrometers: one for each lower section and one for above. For best success when starting it up, also replace dual stock humidifying units with two large rectangular Xikar units, keep top shelves empty, and place cedar squares from between levels of a cigar box in the trays, allowing more or less moisture from the double Xikar's to reach below. After three months, you can safely pull one Xikar unit, fill up the other again, and pay less attention to the monitoring of moisture without worrying too much about staying between 65 & 75. I smoke generally 6x50 sizes,and I guess the bottom of the unit would hold 100 or so of that size. If you're into Robustos & Rothschilds, you could probably get quite a few more in. My next upgrade is a small electric humidifier unit. Again, this is a gorgeous piece of work, and a steat at the $170 I paid for it at Famous.
Barak H-E in Long Island, NY March 11, 2012
"Great Looking and well built Humidor"
I was looking for a humidor with more cigar space so I purchased the Treasure Dome Humidor a few months ago. The elegant glazed dome is a great addition to my office, can't tell you how many compliments I have had. I upgraded the humidification system to an Cigar Oasis electric humidifier and Xikar digital hygrometer. It is extremely well built with solid hinges and easily holds all my cigars. With the multiple compartments I can keep my various types and sizes organized. A great secure home for my favorite cigars!
Gary S in Palatine March 11, 2012
"Great Value"
Purchased this for $150 and I couldn't ask for a better humidor. I upgraded the hygrometer to a Don Salvatore Digital unit. Easily holds 150 cigars. You can probably fit more if you fill it with Robustos, but I'm more of a Churchill and Torpedo smoker, so my sticks take up a little more room. Might consider upgrading the humidifiers soon, but for now they are getting the job done. Great product for the price.
Dave in CT October 21, 2009