Thunderbird Butane Torch Lighter Insert: Single Flame Butane Torch

Single Flame Butane Torch

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Single Flame Butane Torch
Want to put a lot more zip in your Zippo? Just replace the standard lighter fuel insert with this Thunderbird butane insert and you've got yourself a powerful, wind-resistant torch lighter. It's refillable, and comes with a 'No proof' (of purchase) warranty. That's hard to beat. Order yours now!
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"Novelty Item Only "
This insert worked fine, usually lighting on the second flick. HOWEVER, the gas... more
William in New Jersey
"Very surprised by the quality "
I've had it for about 3 weeks, and I wasn't expecting that it would still be wor... more
Rocko in Arizona
"Thunderbird is not all that "
I purchased two Thunderbirds as I have a pair of WWII Zippos. One has never wor... more
Terry Rodeghier in Kansas City
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