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Torano Salutem Reviews

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Torano Salutem BFC
At the low end of medium, with much, much more diluted flavors than the Robusto. Burned for about an hour an a half. 88 points at best.
Stefan in City by the Bay March 28, 2014
Torano Salutem Robusto Extra
Based on the online reviews I had somewhat high expectations of this stick, and to my surprise it actually delivered. First of all, the construction was top notch: I left this hanging for 5 minutes several times and it was still burning! The flavor profile is medium strength, with savory notes of cream, salt, hay, mint, mild cocoa, soft black pepper, a nutty, oily finish, and white pepper on the retrohale. Famous has been blocking my recent reviews especially the not so stellar ones for the Perdomos so we ll see if this one makes it.
Stefan in City by the Bay December 14, 2013
Torano Salutem Piramide
"I ll take a few more, please!"
This cigar is honestly right in the mild-medium category, featuring no harsh, lingering aftertaste, this stick is surprisingly smooth with all the flavor you expect from a Torano. I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency with this one. It starts slightly mild, burns mild-medium through most of the cigar, then starts to get close to medium right at the nub. If you love a great mild-medium cigar with a detectable, yet subtle flavor and no burn or aftertaste left in your mouth, you ll LOVE this stick! I plan to buy a box of em-- They ve reserved a place in my humidor.
WyrelessMike in Benton, AR December 12, 2013
Torano Salutem Box Press
"Perfect Cigar"
Went into famous and was told to try this one out. I'm an avid Torano smoker so it was a no brainer. I smoked the Loyal...wasn't impressed. I smoked this bad boy and it literally blew my mind. Incredible smoke. Its gonna take off real quick. Any day probably. GET YOUR BOXES NOW.
Smoker in New October 18, 2013
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