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Torano Vault Blend A-008 BFC Reviews [view details]

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"Dissapointing BOMB!"
Being a Carlos Torano follower, I was expecting something much better than what I got. I had this stick, aS all new cigars, resting in my humi, at 69 percent humidity, for 3 weeks. This is a not so cheap BFC, so I was expecting, great construction, big flavor, med-full body, lots of smoke, with some spice and complexity. NOT! The wrapper had a couple of seams unravel and open up while smoking. There was a small wrapper hole near the band. The draw was so restrictive, I felt like I was sucking on a clogged milkshake straw. I had to tripple puff each time, just to get minimal smoke output. The limited flavors were nothing more than washed out earthy wood and grass. At one puff early on, I detected a possible note of sweet maduro...but it came and went, withind one puff, never to be tasted again. It never raised passed a mild-body. There was virtually no spice, at all to speak about. The only positive note was that the burn line was OK. I litteraly had to force myself to smoke this thing past the half-way point, just to try to finish my personal review, but I lost the battle and had to put this thing down with 3 to 4 inches remaining. Overall, BOMB, OVERLY PRICED, NOT WORTH A NICKLE!
Mike in Hockessin, DE. August 21, 2014
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