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Tornado Single Flame Torch Lighter Reviews [view details]

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"Works Fine For The Price"
Got a few of these from auction for real cheap. For the price I paid for them I don't care if they work 30 times a piece they are better than a bic. Other than the awkward safety feature, that with a little practice works fine, it's a fine cheap lighter that I keep in the car and don't care about losing. It's also good to bet a friend that they can't figure out how to open and light it. For the price especially on auction, what do you expect, a Xikar? I keep my Xikar's for me and pass this one around. LOL
JB in South Florida February 12, 2015
"Work Great"
Got five of these early in the year. Have used two of them several times a week for months and had no problems. The other three are still waiting ing the bag. They work great
Raven in Canton, MI November 6, 2014
"Tornado Single Flame Lighter"
Got it free with a box of St. Luis Rey Serie G. Great cigars-lighter is useless, total garbage. Threw it away as it was impossible to light! If I paid for it I would be really ticked off!
Robert in Springfield, MA September 18, 2014
When you combine cheap Chinese labor and American turn a quick buck design, then this is what you get. It's just not made for human usage unless you have 3 hands and want to use all 3 to light a cigar. Caveat Emptor.
James in Gurley, AL August 22, 2014
"Good but bad"
I had 2 of these. They are REALLY awkward to light. You have to push forward and pull down at the same time and the guard doesn t flip up very far. It makes for a difficult experience. If you just hand it to somebody they will be immensely confused. But I had it down. Unfortunately, after a few months, it has a crack in the tank. It is still usable for now, but not much longer. For 15 bucks, not half bad, but I wouldn t buy another.
Chris in July 15, 2014
"The worst lighter I've owned."
I've got a three pack of these and none work today, two lasted a week, the other works sporadically...will drive you crazy.
Edward in Boston, MA April 16, 2014
"One Sweet Flame"
I have to bleed this lighter a little after filling but this lighter has been good to me for well over a year now. Bring the smokes we can have a light off for the the blue flame championship.
Mr. Blues in MN March 7, 2014
"Awkward :/"
I like how the lighter looks and feels in my hand but trying to light it is so darn awkward. the safety feature on it just makes it harder to light. other than that i have no problems with it. once it s lit its a great tool. pretty cheap too.
Ben in Nashville February 21, 2014
"Yeah, this retails for $125...in your dreams"
Retail at $124.95????? Right...this p.o.s. is worth about $1.24---about the same as a bic
Tom in Atlanta February 19, 2014
"Don't Bother"
I only filled this lighter once and that will be the last time. A waste of Butane.Lighter sucks
Wayne in Fairport, NY November 15, 2013