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Tornado Single Flame Torch Lighter Reviews [view details]

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"Beautifully contructed lighter"
Lighter works great if you have fine motor skills and a brain to use it. I can light my cigars with one hand. Also great because not everyone can figure out how to use it, which means they won't take it. I love this lighter.
Devon in Delaware October 27, 2013
Piece of junk, don't buy. Fell apart the first time I tried to add butane
CMP in KC October 10, 2013
"Mine is okay."
Got this free from famous. Mine worked fine, once I figured out how to light it. I also found out that you need to set the flow about halfway between the +/-. Too high or too low and it won't light.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
absolute garbage. little spark, the adjustment for the flame didn't help much. Way too much time to try and get a light. To add insult to injury the wire element broke off after a couple of weeks. Just Garbage!
tim in maryland October 1, 2013
"Terrible Lighter"
Too many steps to make this lighter work. Throw it away!
Bruce in Florida September 9, 2013
"Great..."if"..." like to go thru ALL of the butane in this lighter to fire-up one cigar. Not even good if it were free...frustrating to fail attempt after attempt. Threw mine away!!!
MD in NJ August 8, 2013
"Tornado Single Flame Lighter"
The lighter worked for a about two weeks.
Ken Pettus in Lake Charles, LA July 21, 2013
"Great lighter for the price, works great!"
Can't believe all the negative reviews, this is a great lighter for the price and is easy to operate. Works for me compared to other more expensive lighters.
Hammer410 in Spring City, TN July 8, 2013
"failed lighter"
Iwas excited to get a good lighter, filled it up and it just doesn't light.It runs out of fuel trying to light it. Very Disappointed
Ken in July 8, 2013
"Can't light a cigar without flame"
It's nice and compact. I got mine with the father's day gift bundle and finally got around to filling it. I have managed to light it with one hand, if you can't you need to work on your coordination. The draw back is that it doesn't stay lit no matter what the setting is. All in all not worth even this low price. Buy a better quality torch.
Jimmy in Grand Rapids, MI June 30, 2013
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