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Tornado Single Flame Torch Lighter Reviews [view details]

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"Very good lighter for the price but a bit awkward"
I got this lighter as a backup because it was so deeply discounted. It works well, is reliable, and holds a decent amount of fuel. Its one drawback, which is manageable, is that I find the method for flipping the top and operating the lighter very awkward for one handed I use both hands. For the price, a minor issue. It seems to work as well or better than my more expensive Xikar, but the Xikar is much easier to use with one hand.
Up N Smoke in Bay Area June 25, 2013
The first one wouldn't stay lit no matter the setting. Famous took care of me and replaced it. Although the second one will only stay lit if it is completely full of fuel. After a few uses I have to refill it.
G in Denver June 24, 2013
"Pain in the *ss"
This lighter works great as far as the flame goes, but getting it light is a royal pain.
chefstu in Branford, Ct June 18, 2013
"Dan the Cigar Man"
I think the lighter is great, unlike some of you idiots. I figured out how to fill and use it in under 5 min. Great lighter, In fact it will be my primary lighter from now on.
Dan Deaton in massachuetts June 4, 2013
"Complicated but good at the end"
Complicated but once you know how it works is very good even in windy days. No need to worry with my grandchildren for sure. LOL
Grandma in Ft Laudredale May 10, 2013
"Great lighter at a great price!"
I thought I was not going to like this lighter after reading all the reviews But it's actually great! I don't know what the other people are talking about. It works great, and uses very little fuel. I recommend it.
Michael in Los Angeles May 5, 2013
This was supposedly free, of course it really isn't. Worthless at any price.
John in Illinois May 1, 2013
"I thought it was a joke lighter"
My wife bought me two of these junk ass lighters. I never had a lighter that took two hands to open and light. I really thought it was a gag gift. As the others have said. It should have never been marketed. Don't let looks fool you. Hell, buy a few and hand them out to you one armed buddy's. Hell I'll send you
bob in angleton April 30, 2013
it was free and i wish i never got. Hard to use and stopped working after 2 days.
Wayne in April 28, 2013
"Did not like"
Took about 20 Minutes but finally figured out how to light. Kid proof for sure as well as adult proof. Awkward to use, works well when lit but not worth the hassle.Press the button on the side to open the top, then keep it pressed and slide the mechanism outward to light (trust me if you hold side thingee in and at the same time slide the mechanism out it will spark and light with a good flame)
Larkin in Austin Texas April 15, 2013
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