Tornado Single Flame Torch Lighter: Single Flame Torch Black

Single Flame Torch Black

$14.99 Retail Price: $ 24.99
Single Flame Torch Black
The Jet Line Tornado Single Flame torch boasts flawless, futuristic design and a strong yet miserly single torch flame.
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"Good but bad "
I had 2 of these. They are REALLY awkward to light. You have to push forward and ...  more
"The worst lighter I've owned. "
I've got a three pack of these and none work today, two lasted a week, the other ...  more
Edward in Boston, MA
"One Sweet Flame "
I have to bleed this lighter a little after filling but this lighter has been go ...  more
Mr. Blues in MN
"Awkward :/ "
I like how the lighter looks and feels in my hand but trying to light it is so d ...  more
Ben in Nashville
"Yeah, this retails for $ your dreams "
Retail at $124.95????? Right...this p.o.s. is worth about $1.24---about the same ...  more
Tom in Atlanta
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