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Tuscany Humidor Reviews [view details]

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I needed to replace my humidor after 12 yrs of use. After doing several months of research and going thru countless reviews of many different humidors I chose this one in 2013. The size is perfect though I would say it will hold 75-80 cigars depending on the size. The cherry finish is beautiful and will compliment any decor. I used the Boveda 84% packets for 14 days to get the humidity just right. I use the Boveda 75% packets to maintain the humidity right around 71% which they say is accurate for a wood humidor. The inside dividers and tray are perfect for keeping different brands of cigars separate. I am so glad I chose this humidor to keep my cigars in. You will not be sorry if make this choice
Dave in Ohio April 14, 2014
"good humidor. good price"
My first humidor. I bought it in Nov 2011 and I've been generally happy with it. Can't complain about construction or anything like that. I wish I had 1 or 2 extra dividers and noticed that I can't find this particular size of dividers on the internet...I'm guessing it's a size of dividers that's not too popular. The manufacturer, Quality Importers Co, in FL responded to my email stating they will mail them to me but that was months ago and I'm still waiting, so it looks like I'll make my own.
in December 25, 2012