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Ugly Coyote Cherry (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Smells Good, Taste Bad"
Not what I expected from other reviews as they are very strong. They smell good, but as far as smoking one in one sitting, not happening. I know everyone's taste buds are different and some may love them, but not me, and I'm stuck with 79 of them. My fault for not trying the samplers first.
William in Largo, FL September 13, 2014
"Nice Little Smoke"
These babies are sweet and delicious. About one out of every few bags is rolled a little tight. Definitely worth the money. Love the story on the bag.
Dave in Vemont February 2, 2014
"Love cherries, not this."
I enjoy Ugly Coyotes, but the Cherry ones are bitter. I will admit it does taste like cherry.
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
"Great Smoke"
These are a great 10 minute smoke, better for everyday. I read that many people had overpowering flavor but I found that mine were fairly consistent and not dominating at all. Would recommend.
John in Norfolk, VA April 16, 2013
"Good, but the flavor is a bit much"
As I have written with the other reviews on Ugly Coyotes these are great, and I now smoke UC's as my everyday stogies. The only thing to note is that the Cherry's flavor is a bit much... almost sickly sweet. I have had a few packs and they varied somewhat on flavor strength but it's definitely the flavor I choose last on a Test Flight pack. Still recommended though.
Brent in January 1, 2013
"Pretty damn cool"
Love em - bought sampler and sent some to bro - a long time cigar afficianado - he loves em. Have to cut off the ragged end to get a decent light but flavorful, reasonable and damn good.
Tom Dombrosky in Tampa, FL January 1, 2011
"Smooth but not much cherry flav"
This a clean smoke, slight bite on the drag but very decent. Cherry flavor is very minimal. Berry version is much better on the fruit tip. Overall a great stogie for the price.
Kian Kolahi in Encino, CA October 1, 2010
"Great Cigar"
Definitely a good cigar. Great price. You won't be disappointed
Michael B in Freeburg September 19, 2010
"Nice and Smooth"
The Cherry Coyote is right in my wheel house!!! The are not overpowering and just a hint of cherry. The package smelled strong but the cigars smoked lighter. I took a shot at an 8 pack and I am hooked!! They do live up to their name, they are not at all attractive but they draw and taste fantastic!!!!
Kevin in Oneonta, NY July 12, 2010
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