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Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Very Nice Smoke"
At first I thought these were going to be small, little, dinky cigars that would be gone within 5 minutes, but once I took the first drag off of one, it was golden. Perfect balance of tobacco and chocolate, and a draw that gave you a good smoke without tongue bite. Given the hand-made nature, it went out quite a bit, but they are really easy to relight. Just a quick burn and you are good to continue. Very good, definitely buying more.
Christian in Texas, USA October 15, 2014
"These are really nice!"
So I decided to go for the promo test flight of Ugly Coyote cigars... Wow. Vega really messed up with the backordered 1882s! I love Backwoods Sweet Aromatic, but must say that the Ugly Coyote s chocolate made me enjoy flavored cigars again. These are really nice, mild, slow-burning. Quality. And they re so much more affordable too!
Sean in Maryland August 13, 2014
i have had soo many chocolate /mocha cigars before, they all seemed to ether be made with bad chocolate flavor, or an OBVIOUSLY cheap tobacco like a fast burning cigarette BUT THESE... they are somehow extremely in expensive, and they taste like good tobacco+good smooth chocolate! i like expensive cigars and know how good they can be. if you leave an ugly coyote in your humi for 2+ weeks, i think even your 65 year old grandpa would like it!
in January 18, 2014
great 20 minutes smoke! I thought that cigar will be just average, but to be honest.. It really good smoke! Love the flavour, ash is hold on nicely, it just looks bad, but it really great! Flavour, construction, everything is great about this little guy!
Raz in Israel September 18, 2013
Mild on the chocolate, but if you like the honey ones. You will enjoy these.
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
"Good everyday smoke"
Found these while looking for alternatives to Swisher Sweet Outlaws (which I like much better than Backwoods). While not quite as good as the Outlaws they are very comparable at a significantly lower cost. I found Chocolate to be the best flavor, and is good for an every day smoke. I only wish they would make a rum flavored variety.
Brent in January 1, 2013
"Great smoke at a great price!"
Smooth cigars, at just the right amount of time to smoke them, good after dinner or at happy hour!
Kurt S in California February 23, 2012
"All Right!"
Love these smokes, perfect size to just hang off your lip, keeps my hands free for other things. I don't normally have time for that 2 hour smoke.
Frank J. in Bayside, N.Y. February 23, 2012
"Good Everyday Smokes"
I just got finished with my first box of these. They taste great, the only complaint I have is. The wrappers tend to unravel while smoking. Other than that, no complaints.
Phil in January 30, 2012
"A real wild feeling"
This is the first major brand I have purchased and I must say i like the cigar a lot! I have a thing for the ol' west and i feel like it brings me in. The taste is dynamite and it is perfect for an everyday smoke. I must say though that it dries up rather fast in cold climate so you may want to put it in a humidor straight from the packet. I would definitely get this brand again just in original.
Anton Steiger in Jersey City NJ February 15, 2011
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