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Ugly Coyote Reviews

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Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Goodbye Backwoods - Hello Ugly Coyote"
Smoked Backwoods for 5 years until i discovered Ugly Coyotes. I'm not going back. Really got upset when Backwoods switched from 8 gars per pack to just 5. and the price per pack went up at most retail stores. result - fever gars at a higher price. Uglys are better constructed, packed with more tobacco and cheaper! just love em. these are NOT meant to be a fine, expensive cigar so don't expect it to smoke the same. It's a great everyday cigar - for smoking or just chewing on while at the golf course or BBQ-ing Sat night. The degree of mildness or sweetness is completely personal preference. its what it is, so don't bitch about it - just buy it or don't. decent draw, burn and taste. my mother-in-law even likes the sweet odor.
Buddy Miller in Austin, Texas November 11, 2014
Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8)
"Very Nice Smoke"
At first I thought these were going to be small, little, dinky cigars that would be gone within 5 minutes, but once I took the first drag off of one, it was golden. Perfect balance of tobacco and chocolate, and a draw that gave you a good smoke without tongue bite. Given the hand-made nature, it went out quite a bit, but they are really easy to relight. Just a quick burn and you are good to continue. Very good, definitely buying more.
Christian in Texas, USA October 15, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Save Your Money"
Harsh, not even close to Backwoods. I got stuck with 100 of them. I could not smoke them, went into the garbage.
Frank in IL September 22, 2014
Ugly Coyote Test Flight
"A Pleasant Surprise"
I was skeptical when I was ordering some Backwoods and these were suggested. I cancelled the Backwoods and ordered this sampler back. The Original sweet seemed a little harsh at first but I fell in love with the rest. A much bigger roll than the Backwoods and 8 in a pack as opposed to 5, they are a much better everyday cigar and a better value than Backwoods! Stay Ugly!
Mike in NY September 21, 2014
Ugly Coyote Cherry (8)
"Smells Good, Taste Bad"
Not what I expected from other reviews as they are very strong. They smell good, but as far as smoking one in one sitting, not happening. I know everyone's taste buds are different and some may love them, but not me, and I'm stuck with 79 of them. My fault for not trying the samplers first.
William in Largo, FL September 13, 2014
Ugly Coyote Berry (8)
"Best of the Bunch"
Personally I like these the best out of all the other flavors they offer, as I've tried them all. Yes, they are on the harsh to strong side, but overall they are quite tasty and smell good too. The burn on them isn't consistent though. They burn out more often than not, but still a good smoke for the price.
William in Largo, FL September 13, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"A Little Too Sweet"
Liking the Coyotes in general, but these Sweets are just a bit too sweet for me. Absolutely love the Chocolates though!
Sean in Maryland August 14, 2014
Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8)
"These are really nice!"
So I decided to go for the promo test flight of Ugly Coyote cigars... Wow. Vega really messed up with the backordered 1882s! I love Backwoods Sweet Aromatic, but must say that the Ugly Coyote s chocolate made me enjoy flavored cigars again. These are really nice, mild, slow-burning. Quality. And they re so much more affordable too!
Sean in Maryland August 13, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Really Good"
Great buy for the Money, better than 1882 and Back Country.
George Tucker in Wa State August 9, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"The best"
The best little cigar that you can.get,don,t care what other folks say.it is the best tasting,cigar out there.
Glenn in McCall Idaho July 29, 2014
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