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Ugly Coyote Reviews

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Ugly Coyote Honey Berry (8)
great smoke i enjoyed it
chris in birmingham,AL July 7, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Very Good"
Excellent little cigar I especially liked the cherry and the sweet.
Ray in Minneapolis April 25, 2014
Ugly Coyote Honey Berry (8)
"nice, good cigars"
I bought the sampler of all their different flavors. Wife said Honey Berry smells like horseshit -- she was right! Stick one under your nose. Now it s my favorite!
Ray in Minneapolis April 25, 2014 April 14, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Better than expected %26 much bettet than Backwood"
I found the original sweet to be the flavor that has the longest lasting, most consistent taste throughout the length of the cigar. Chocolate would be second for me; but not as good as the reviews make chocolate sound. I am only on my second batch of these, so maybe chocolate will grow on me. Tried to sample backwoods while I was waiting for this second shipment of UC. Can t go back.BW s is terrible to me now.
Charles in Florida February 22, 2014
Ugly Coyote Cherry (8)
"Nice Little Smoke"
These babies are sweet and delicious. About one out of every few bags is rolled a little tight. Definitely worth the money. Love the story on the bag.
Dave in Vemont February 2, 2014
Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8)
i have had soo many chocolate /mocha cigars before, they all seemed to ether be made with bad chocolate flavor, or an OBVIOUSLY cheap tobacco like a fast burning cigarette BUT THESE... they are somehow extremely in expensive, and they taste like good tobacco+good smooth chocolate! i like expensive cigars and know how good they can be. if you leave an ugly coyote in your humi for 2+ weeks, i think even your 65 year old grandpa would like it!
Dave in Vemont February 2, 2014 January 18, 2014
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"The best natural around."
Nothing but Yotes for the past 2 years. Backwoods dropped the ball a few years back. These are all around a better smoke. Better construction, bigger and more per pack.
Bones in AK December 12, 2013
Ugly Coyote Honey (8)
"Your Nuts!"
Well to start off after reading all the reviews on these I bought a 80 pack! Been trying to replace a cigar that has been changed to the worse for profit They taste nothing like honey to me and are harsh compared to a lot of other honey flavored cigars they really don t taste of honey to me. After my 3rd. pack here they still have not improved. The draw is good,the burn is mostly even,and I have only had one that the wrap came off part ways.The taste is different from any other cigar I have smoked is about all I can say on that matter. The cost you can t go wrong with. I am not saying they are bad but they are not great either!
Charlie in Minnesota November 26, 2013
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Way too sweet"
I was looking for a cigar that was cheap and larger than most at this price point. The construction is ugly but I like it and think it adds character. The draw was fine but I d never buy it again because it was way too sweet. It tasted chemically sweetened and not natural. I m just happy I only ordered the sample size. Won t buy again; too sweet.
Dillon in Rochester November 23, 2013
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"OK, But not good"
If u have enough money, u may prefer to choose another cigar. taste ok but not good.
CCAV in AR November 15, 2013
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