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Ugly Coyote Reviews

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Ugly Coyote Test Flight
"Nice Price 10x Better Than Backwoods"
You compare these cigars to backwoods and i tell you these are 10 times as those 3 times the smoke great size,taste,no holes and great price. Love them you should put them in store.
richard christie in newport September 21, 2013
Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8)
great 20 minutes smoke! I thought that cigar will be just average, but to be honest.. It really good smoke! Love the flavour, ash is hold on nicely, it just looks bad, but it really great! Flavour, construction, everything is great about this little guy!
Raz in Israel September 18, 2013
Ugly Coyote Test Flight
"Excellent !!!!!!!"
I like to smoke a cigar on the way home from work. I got a good deal on these and saw other reviews that recommended them. Gotta tell ya, they are far better than Backwoods smokes. I was really surprised. These are probably the best cigars of their type that I have ever had. A+ all the way. For anyone that is curious about these, they are worth every penny. Will surely keep buying them. Thanks for the great deal !!!!
Ed in Ottawa, Ohio August 20, 2013
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Not so bad for everyday smoke"
Of course, everyone wants to know Ugly Coyote compare to Backwoods. Well, they're close. First off, the construction. It is better than Backwoods. The cheroot is thicker, with one end cleanly chopped off, and another left "au naturale". The draw is ok. No better an no worse than Backwoods. I only had to correct the burn once. Taste-wise, the cigar is stronger. This is not your mild, gentle Backwoods. This is a stronger, potent cigar, albeit in a form of a tiny cheroot. If smoking on an empty stomach, this can actually take you for a ride. Overall, yes, I'd buy them again. But, I won't stop buying Backwoods in favor of Ugly Coyote. They're simply that much different.
Al Smolkin in Boston August 2, 2013
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
"Ugly is Right!"
I worked in a store that sold Backwoods when they first came out (those many moons ago) and these are reminiscent of those when they were worth smoking. Sweet on the lips to the very end and mild throughout. Not an everyday thing but nice to have on the patio in front of the firepit after a cookout while watching the stars to feel all outdoorsy and stuff. ;)
Matt in NH June 28, 2013
Ugly Coyote Test Flight
If you like Backwoods you will enjoy these, I smoke ugly coyote everyday... better than backwoods (taste is only an opinion!)
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8)
Well it was pleasant but not the best of Ugly Coyote!
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
Ugly Coyote Chocolate (8)
Mild on the chocolate, but if you like the honey ones. You will enjoy these.
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
Ugly Coyote Cherry (8)
"Love cherries, not this."
I enjoy Ugly Coyotes, but the Cherry ones are bitter. I will admit it does taste like cherry.
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
Ugly Coyote Honey (8)
Delicious, It is a bold yet sweet taste! I am Buying more when i get a chance.
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
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