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"Your Nuts!"
Well to start off after reading all the reviews on these I bought a 80 pack! Been trying to replace a cigar that has been changed to the worse for profit They taste nothing like honey to me and are harsh compared to a lot of other honey flavored cigars they really don t taste of honey to me. After my 3rd. pack here they still have not improved. The draw is good,the burn is mostly even,and I have only had one that the wrap came off part ways.The taste is different from any other cigar I have smoked is about all I can say on that matter. The cost you can t go wrong with. I am not saying they are bad but they are not great either!
Charlie in Minnesota November 26, 2013
Delicious, It is a bold yet sweet taste! I am Buying more when i get a chance.
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
"Not Bad"
Honey tasting and light, small cigar. Cheap smoke for a quick sweet taste.
Anthony in California May 24, 2013
"Great smoke"
A great smoke for the money!!
mike in calif May 8, 2013
"Cigar smells... odd but smokes and tastes great"
I have been doing the Test Flights for a while now and have smoked a few packs of each flavor. The Honey flavored are the only ones I found... odd. The cigars themselves smell nasty; the closest I can word it is a faint cat urine smell. Interestingly though once lit the taste and burning smell are pleasant and enjoyable. So while the smell might be off it doesn't affect the smoke or the taste.
Brent in January 1, 2013
"3RD pack of 80"
Anyone who gives these a bad review dosent want a good cigar they want a candy cigar! These are sweet but not to sweet! Just rite! And to those who say these are harsh tasting they must be inhaleing them! You dont inhale cigars! By far the best cigar of this type I have found! Now they need a rum flavor!
Collin in Moreno Valley September 5, 2012
Great deal much better than backwoods! Honey tastes fantastic! Now they just need to make a rum flavor and im a happy camper!
collin in moreno valley September 5, 2012
"Bad Cigar"
Should rename these cigars to Coyote Crap! I purchased the 80 pack for 2 friends who smoke Backwoods Cigars. Rating %26 price was good on the Ugly Coyotes. We all agreed the they have no aroma and start out bad tasting and get worse, Do not buy!
Lamont in California August 28, 2012
"Best of the Ugly Coyote Brand"
These are much better than Backwoods. Better constuction. Better taste, Better cigar for the money!!
Bo Y in Clifton, NJ October 12, 2011
"Great little smoke"
Great little smoke, much better than Backwoods and a lot less expensive.
Ramon Glynn in Silver Springs, NV July 21, 2011
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