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Ugly Coyote Honey Berry (8) Reviews [view details]

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I bought 80 of these disappointing puppies. If you truly love Backwoods Honey Berry do not waste the money or only buy a single package. There is no honey berry flavor on these honey berry Cigars.
in October 27, 2010
"Sweet, fruity, but its got a bite!"
Great stogie for the price sweet and fruity tones left on the lips. Tobacco is slightly harsh, has a bite. For an anytime smoke pretty decent.
Kian Kolahi in Encino, CA October 1, 2010
"more smoke for your buck"
I smoked honeyberry Backwoods for years and the quality has become bad. Always falling apart and now they changed the amount of cigar per package. Ugly coyote gives more cigar per package, a bigger cigar overall for a cheaper price. They are great smoke with an average draw. The taste is good and they don't fall apart.
Rick in WI September 20, 2010
I am an avid Backwoods smoker and thought I'd try these as a cheaper alternative for daily smoking... I'm glad I only bought one pack!! Spend the money on Backwoods as these are chokingly bitter and very artificially-flavored. I smoked one and threw the rest of the pack away. They're like sugaring a turd... why bother?!?
Derek in Fargo, ND September 13, 2010
"Spend the extra buck for a backwoods"
You'd be better off spending the extra buck or two for some backwoods. Ugly Coyote's don't smoke well - they canoe an aweful lot and are hard to drag on. The honey berry flavor is gone within seconds and you're left smoking a cigar that is not nearly as mild as a backwoods. I know I will never waste my money on these gain.
Shutt in NH September 8, 2010
"A Good Alternative"
This is a great alternative to the Backwoods. They are bigger, are made with better tobacco (in my opinion,) and most important, less expensive. Dont smoke small value priced cigars and expect the world from them. For what they are, you can't go wrong.
Chris in USA September 7, 2010
"Not bad, but not great"
Not a bad smoke,plenty of sweet taste in the wrapper, although the cigar itself is quite mild. Pairs well with a good cup of coffee. I had ordered both these and the Backwoods version, but Backwoods had sold out while in my cart, so I'm disappointed i didn't get to compare the two. All in all, an OK cheap everyday smoke.
Mason in New Zealand August 25, 2010
"Not an easy Smoke"
Found these ugly cigars not easy to smoke. Harsh and tough to draw. No match for the Backwoods version. Sale or no sale I will take a Backwoods over these any day.
Uncle T in New York City August 23, 2010
won't be getting these anytime soon...nowhere as good as the real ones
in August 18, 2010
"Excellent Cigar"
Been smoking Backwoods cigars for quite some time now and thought I'd give these a shot. What a difference. The Ugly Coyote's are a way better cigar! Absolutely no comparison. Better made, better tasting and just an all around great cigar for the price. If your presently a Backwood's customer you will not be disappointed with these! One thing I always disliked about the Backwood's cigars was their poor construction. Half the time I would find myself wasting descent portions of the Backwood's cigars because they would just fall apart. The Ugly Coyotes are much better constructed and are handmade also! Thanks, Famous Smoke Shop! I will certainly be a returning customer.
Ray in Chicago August 11, 2010
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