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great smoke i enjoyed it
chris in birmingham,AL July 7, 2014
"nice, good cigars"
I bought the sampler of all their different flavors. Wife said Honey Berry smells like horseshit -- she was right! Stick one under your nose. Now it s my favorite!
in April 14, 2014
"Full of holes? Hard to draw!"
Hubby likes taste.
in October 11, 2013
"Competition for Backwoods"
Same mediocre manufacture as Backwoods, but flavor was good, stayed lit, burned well, tasty. Got these as part of freebie coyote flight coupon. With the price, plus 8 per pack as opposed to 5... I thought these were good value, mine were moist and heavy. I'd take these or Outlaws over Backwoods. Haven't tried the chocolate yet, that could get truly ugly...
CSS in New hope, pa May 8, 2013
"Definately not of Backwoods quality"
Harsh and the taste is only similar to the Backwoods. Won't buy this again.
Daniel in Pueblo September 2, 2012
"A decent Backwoods cigar"
They are ugly for sure. I have gone through several orders of these. Taste good, light well. They are easy to carry around and take up minimal space. Great around the campfire and for keeping the bugs at bay when I'm Doing my work outdoors. My only drawback with them is an occasionally over packed cigar resulting in a little harder draw. But this has only occurred in 1 out of every 40 or 50 cigars. Can't beat the price.
Don in Upstate NY May 2, 2012
"Too harsh for my taste."
Aromatic fan looking for a new smoke. Tried the Coyotes, several flavors, but found them too harsh for my taste. Also heavy on the sweet flavoring. Burned my lips. I won't be switching to these!
Moses Thrasher in Hawaii October 28, 2011
This is my first order with the Famous Smoke Shop and the first time ive smoked this brand and i found the taste excellent and the size is much bigger than Backwoods cigars i will buy more in the future and i would recommend these to my friends. AL.
"will never buy again!!!"
I purchased these cigars in hope I would find a less cost comparison to the Backwoods Honey Berry. Not a chance......Backwoods have twice the flavor & are alot smoother.I will continue to purchase Backwoods.I do like the packaging of the Ugly Coyote better though.Backwoods need to get it together on their package & go back to 8 per package.
troy in Vermont December 3, 2010
"Not as good as Backwoods"
I bought these cigars in lieu of Backwoods Honey Berry. I was so disappointed I returned them after trying only two cigars. I guess you get what you pay for. This smoke is not even close to Backwoods. Very bitter and rough with little flavor. Very disappointed in Oregon. Famous Smoke Shop did take care of me very well though, full refund of the left over portion and shipped me out Backwoods. :)
sean in Oregon November 19, 2010
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