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Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Ugly is Right!"
I worked in a store that sold Backwoods when they first came out (those many moons ago) and these are reminiscent of those when they were worth smoking. Sweet on the lips to the very end and mild throughout. Not an everyday thing but nice to have on the patio in front of the firepit after a cookout while watching the stars to feel all outdoorsy and stuff. ;)
Matt in NH June 28, 2013
Well it was pleasant but not the best of Ugly Coyote!
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
"Still my everyday smoke after 4 years"
Hard to believe its been 4 years since these came out and I smoked my first 'Yote, but here I am 4 years later and they are still my favorite every day smoke. Great flavor with just a hint of sweetness, not put you in a diabetic coma sweet like Backwoods. I have never had a draw issue like some reviewers because I don't expect a 32 ring cigar to draw like a 50 ring cigar. Plus at the great Famous price, I can smoke 3-4 daily without breakin' the bank. I can throw a pouch in my truck, leave one in the garage and I'm good to go for the day. I hope 4 years from now I'm still smokin' my 'Yotes because they have become one of my favorite cigars!!
James in Lake Norman NC April 22, 2013
"Great cigar for the money"
These are great little cigars! Great quality for the money and much better than Backwoods. I used to smoke Swisher Outlaws and these are very similar and much less in price,about $0.40 per stick when you buy the $10 test flight offer per each 39.99 box purchased. Long term fan here!
Tim in Washington March 6, 2013
"good every day smoke"
a good, not great, cigar. a little harsh towards the end, but nothing i could'nt handle.the natural sweet and chocolate are the best. i'll be buying them again.
james in davenport nd December 4, 2012
"My Favorite Everyday Smoke"
I always enjoy these..have tried all the flavors, but like the original best..I only buy these and high end cigars for very special occasions
Bill in Westchester County NY August 11, 2012
"great for .50¢"
For .50¢ absolutely great, decent flavor not the best out there. Compared to bwoods coyotes are milder and IMO more true to a cigar in flavor and actual smell of the tobacco. Smell inside package of bwood you get sweet scent, coyotes smell like cigars, but still taste good and sweet. Also last much longer than bwood with bigger ring size. All in all NOT a high end cigar, but damn good for the ¢¢!! Try em!
James in South Carolina July 13, 2012
"must try!"
For roughly .50 cents a stick (including shipping) it is really tough to beat these. Better than some cigars I have had at 10 times the price...I don't know what some people expected for .50 cents, but these have exceeded my expectations.
Dan in chugiak November 27, 2011
"Good Evening Smoke, But Not Perfect"
I liked these. They are pretty cheap, but they are certainly not top shelf. Nobody ever claimed they were Cuban Cohibas, but the draw was a little tight and the burn was a little harsh. However, they are cheap and can serve as an easy weekend smoke. Overall, I recommend them, but don't get your hopes too high.
D Brown in Colorado November 4, 2011
"Not Backwoods"
Harsh, dry and not aromatic. Backwoods are my flavored cigar of choice and the ugly coyotes fall very short in comparison.
mike in South Dakota November 1, 2011
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