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Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Smooth smoke"
Bought two packs of these, and now I'm 3 smokes in. They are flavorful and smooth. I'm putting in a order for more.
Sean in Chicago February 16, 2011
"good for me"
i don't smoke them i chew them and for me they are great. the first pack i smoked were as good as swisher outlaws. good draw. nice aroma
docweb in texas January 23, 2011
"Not for Me"
I realize there is a huge market for flavored cigars. When I didn't know any better at a tender young age, I tried some and the girls like the smell. But we have two divides: the serious snobbish aficionado and the regular guy that can't afford nor wants any part of a $10 cigar. I tried the original. I'm diabetic and went into shock and luckily my daughter is a Paramedic and used the paddles on me to bring me back. But seriously, the tobacco ain't bad. It's perfect for a short smoke. And the flavors make it acceptable in mixed company. That's reason enough....even if I have to employ a nurse to stand by. I think they're better than Woodsman or whatever the other ones are called. And they are better than the more expensive, more chic ones. Why pay $2 each when you can get the same thing for 50 cents? I will stick to being snobbish.
Katmancross in Milwaukee January 20, 2011
"Not my favorite"
Poor draw, burned inconsistently and it had an acrid taste.
Bob Costello in Tennesee January 17, 2011
These are NOT the alternative to Backwoods. The taste is awful! I tossed 6 of the 8 cigars!!
Paul Kotchian in East Falmouth, MA January 16, 2011
these cigars are very good like back wood but better and they have 8 not 5 cigars
rob in home January 13, 2011
"hot burn, non-complex, cigar"
This cigar was a ratty looking cheroot, burned hot, and could choke a horse. Needless to say it didn't have any flavor either.
Gerry in Granby, Ma. January 12, 2011
Great Treat! Love the shaggy, unconventional look of these great little treats. I clip the shaggy end with scissors and then sit back and truly enjoy
Tom Dombrosky in Ugly, hot, cold, crappy FL January 11, 2011
"What a cheroot should be like,Clint would be proud"
I rated this cheroot 100 because it's perfect, rough looking wrapper is exactly the way it should be. I'v smoked at least 3 other brands of cheroots, and I would rate these the Best. Takes me back to those spanish western Movies. A great everyday smoke.
Lonewolf in Stockton, California December 16, 2010
"Dam Good Smoke!"
I needed a Cigar with some back bone! when fishing and Coyotes are just right not too strong and have a great taste. I will be smoking them when I fish for the big Bass.
Frank M in Fort Drum, NY September 29, 2010
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