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Ugly Coyote Original Natural Sweet (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Too harsh for my taste."
Aromatic fan looking for a new smoke. Tried the Coyotes, several flavors, but found them too harsh for my taste. Also heavy on the sweet flavoring. Burned my lips. I won't be switching to these!
Moses Thrasher in Hawaii October 28, 2011
"Ugly Coyote Original/Natural Sweet"
Excellent little everyday smoke that is acceptably sweet, rolled by hand and is an excellent alternative to the sugary sweet, so thin it collapses, spit tobacco bits out yout mouth Backwoods at half the cost. Yes, pouch aroma doesn't clear your nasal passage as does Backwoods... but, is more neutral. I recommend the Original Natural Sweet.
Tony in Westchester, NY August 27, 2011
"I love these!"
I absolutely love Ugly Coyotes! They are flavorful short smokes, ugly sure, but they get the job done. About one in twenty have an inconsistent burn, but I can live with that!
Aaron Bennett in Maine August 12, 2011
I tried the Chocolate first because the reviews on it but considered buying a box of these too but didn't. I finally purchased a box and have been buying them since. The Original Sweet Ugly Coyote is hands down the best everyday smoke I have found. These are even better than the Onyx and I personally prefer them over Rocky Patel the edge (close, really close) but the flavor and price of these just can't be beat. I'm still looking for more "cheapies" to try even tho my dad thinks I have found the best out there. Seriously if you like backwoods try these the only time I buy backwoods now is when I'm waiting on my Yotes to show up.
Mike D in Mapleton, Or. March 3, 2011
"Smooth smoke"
Bought two packs of these, and now I'm 3 smokes in. They are flavorful and smooth. I'm putting in a order for more.
Sean in Chicago February 16, 2011
"good for me"
i don't smoke them i chew them and for me they are great. the first pack i smoked were as good as swisher outlaws. good draw. nice aroma
docweb in texas January 23, 2011
"Not for Me"
I realize there is a huge market for flavored cigars. When I didn't know any better at a tender young age, I tried some and the girls like the smell. But we have two divides: the serious snobbish aficionado and the regular guy that can't afford nor wants any part of a $10 cigar. I tried the original. I'm diabetic and went into shock and luckily my daughter is a Paramedic and used the paddles on me to bring me back. But seriously, the tobacco ain't bad. It's perfect for a short smoke. And the flavors make it acceptable in mixed company. That's reason enough....even if I have to employ a nurse to stand by. I think they're better than Woodsman or whatever the other ones are called. And they are better than the more expensive, more chic ones. Why pay $2 each when you can get the same thing for 50 cents? I will stick to being snobbish.
Katmancross in Milwaukee January 20, 2011
"Not my favorite"
Poor draw, burned inconsistently and it had an acrid taste.
Bob Costello in Tennesee January 17, 2011
These are NOT the alternative to Backwoods. The taste is awful! I tossed 6 of the 8 cigars!!
Paul Kotchian in East Falmouth, MA January 16, 2011
these cigars are very good like back wood but better and they have 8 not 5 cigars
rob in home January 13, 2011
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