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"A Pleasant Surprise"
I was skeptical when I was ordering some Backwoods and these were suggested. I cancelled the Backwoods and ordered this sampler back. The Original sweet seemed a little harsh at first but I fell in love with the rest. A much bigger roll than the Backwoods and 8 in a pack as opposed to 5, they are a much better everyday cigar and a better value than Backwoods! Stay Ugly!
Mike in NY September 21, 2014
"Great everyday smoke!"
These are very enjoyable. When you don't have the time for a premium 2 hour stick but want full flavor enjoyment then reach for these. A little sweetness but nicely balanced with full flavor. Nice contruction and burn. Like they say "great around the campfire"!
Mark in Rhode Island October 31, 2013
"Nice Price 10x Better Than Backwoods"
You compare these cigars to backwoods and i tell you these are 10 times as those 3 times the smoke great size,taste,no holes and great price. Love them you should put them in store.
richard christie in newport September 21, 2013
"Excellent !!!!!!!"
I like to smoke a cigar on the way home from work. I got a good deal on these and saw other reviews that recommended them. Gotta tell ya, they are far better than Backwoods smokes. I was really surprised. These are probably the best cigars of their type that I have ever had. A+ all the way. For anyone that is curious about these, they are worth every penny. Will surely keep buying them. Thanks for the great deal !!!!
Ed in Ottawa, Ohio August 20, 2013
If you like Backwoods you will enjoy these, I smoke ugly coyote everyday... better than backwoods (taste is only an opinion!)
Alberto in Chicago, IL June 27, 2013
"Good, Bad and Ugly"
Good everyday in between flavored cigar. And, of course, ugly. I generally smoke full bodied cigars and the Coyote is a perfect 25 minute compliment for my taste. I'm not an Acid gushing flavor infused guy but these little guys are a step up. Great razor sharp burn. Never a touch up. Consistent. Copious amounts of rich smoke. Ash surprisingly stacks nicely. Buy em. These are my 'Go to's at bars. Chicks dig the Uglies.
Joel in Washington State June 27, 2013
"Definitely wouldn't recommend"
I'll keep it short and sweet. I'm doing a second review to help others. I'm forgiving with cigars especially value ones. The tobacco in these is too harsh to even smoke. Save your money and buy some Swishers
Will in PA December 3, 2012
"Very Disappointing"
I had really high hopes for these because usually Famous has great value-oriented smokes. You are greeted by what look to be anybody's answer to a value flavored cigar. The packaging, branding, look, feel, size and even flavorings were all top-notch. The big disappointment was the tobacco, way too harsh and noticeably of very cheap quality. I've never had a backwoods but I can't imagine they became so popular by being so harsh. FSS, invest in the milder, better quality tobaccos and it will make all the difference, even if it means the price goes up by a little. Until then, I would not, sadly, recommend.
Will in PA November 24, 2012
"Not worth your money"
Check out Cigar Monster, this is listed there every other day for a few $ less than the famous smoke site, but don't waste your money either way.
Jon C in Kansas City October 31, 2012
"Like smoking BF Goodrich"
I can smoke Backwoods all day. I tried these and I cannot taste any flavor. It's all harsh tobacco. BARF.
Mark in Silverton, OR May 2, 2012
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