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"My Favorite Everyday Smoke"
The Ugly Coyotes are my favorite every day short smoke. I have smoked a few hundred over the past year or so and have enjoyed them all. My favorites are the chocolate and berry. A big thumbs up!!
KW in Rockford, Il April 11, 2012
"Great! My New Everyday Smoke!"
I have tried tons of different cheap cigarillos for my everyday smokes, and this is by far the most wholesome. Shaggy foot makes for a quick light, and its a larger enough ring size that I dont have to wait an entire minute puff to puff to make sure it doesn't burn too hot. It maintains a uniform body and flavor throughout. Also, in a world where most cheaper cigarillos consist of short filler (i.e. bitter stem and whatever else is macerated in the process, even non tobacco products such a PG of glycerin or saltpeter), who can argue with an inexpensive, handmade, all natural long filler smoke! Of course, not a premium, but I dont have the budget to be smoking premiums everyday. A new standby!
Chuck Smitty Boats in New Jersey February 6, 2012
"Great Smoke-Great Price!"
The only thing this cigar needs is a "Coffee" flavor to go with my Morning Joe.
Jeff in Rancho Cucamonga November 30, 2011
"Best of the Cowboy Cigars!"
My Dad smokes these and offered one to me. These are great! The Quality of Backwoods have plummeted not to mention you get less in a pack (from 8 to now 5). They are bigger than Backwoods and the taste is at least 10x better. Try them, I bet you wont be disapointed. I know I wasn't!
Joe D in Gulf Breeze Florida November 21, 2011
"Not Stonewoods"
Although the Uglies, seem to have more tobacco than the Stonewoods they tend to be more harsh as well. I would buy the Stonewoods over Ugly Coyotes
Glen in Salem OR October 25, 2011
I didn't expect great tobacco quality for the price but was looking for a cigar with good flavor. There's not much flavor in these and certainly not enough to cover the poor tobacco taste.
Bill in California August 18, 2011
"best clint eastwood cigar i've ever smoked"
I used to smoke backwoods and thought i'd save some cash and order several types from the magazine. None compared to ugly coyote they taste better last longer. I ran out between shipments and bought a pack of backwoods...ha ha..they seemed like cigarellos compared to coyotes. An 11 on the 1-10 scale.
Tim D. in Harrisburg il August 15, 2011
"Great Construction..."
First, I have to say that if you like a smaller, quick cigar you can't honestly leave a bad review for these smokes at this price. The construction and quality of the Coyote is far superior to the Backwoods I used to smoke (till I found these). I initially tried the sampler and enjoyed most of the flavors but eventually fell for the Natural Sweets. And they're still in an eight pack!!
paul maerz in se Iowa June 3, 2011
"Some of the worst things ever!!!"
Should not even be called a cigar.
Steve in Mn. April 29, 2011
"Good little smoke"
Thick smoke, easy light, great taste with dark beer. Nothing really wrong, good price for enough cigars to last a while.
John in April 22, 2011
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