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"The Little Smokes"
I bought the flight test pack and must say; for price and size, it was worth it. Now everybody has different tastes. Backwoods, Stonewood, Swisser Sweets are and different in their own ways. So try them once and call it after that. Remember its a cheap smoke. Its not a 90 rated cigar.
Diplomat in Chicago Area April 4, 2011
"Yuck. Save your money"
These cigars sure look like they would be tasty but are very harsh and taste like burnt smelt guts and perfume. Buck up and buy some real cigars, not these ones.
Smokin' Joe in Michigan March 16, 2011
"Great Smokes"
I'm tired of people writing bad reviews of cigars who know nothing about them. What did you smoke, one cigar? And since you smoke backwoods that makes you an expert in flavor and construction? These are great smokes for what they are. The other bad reviews are just that, bad reviews of a good fun smoke. I have smoked every one of these and still do when I want a small fast smoke or playing golf ect... nice flavors, good construction and burn, nothing wrong with any of these. I have really never found a real bad cigar in 25 years. Some excellent and some just good but never any that were worth the trashing reviews I sometimes read. If you don't like them just say there not your cup of tea and leave the hate unspoken.
Ken Christensen in Sammamish Washington January 11, 2011
Tried chocolate and honey berry. Terrible. I'll take a dried out hole filled back woods any day.
mike in rhode island December 30, 2010
I bought some of these because I use to smoke backwoods (before going to phillies) and wanted to try them so far I have tried the natural sweet and honey berry. The natural sweet is unsmokable they will make you gag and the honey berry are not much better. They stink and the taste just horrible, they are harsh and when it hits the back of your throat it makes you gag.
Douglas in Colorado Springs September 10, 2010
"Great Sampler"
I like good flavored cigars and these sure fit the bill!!! I like that Famous put all the flavors together in an easy pack. The pricing is fantastic and so are the cigars. Great variety and flavors! I will be ordering more of each flavor.
Bill in Cleveland, Ohio August 3, 2010
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