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Value Line 300 Honduran Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Ok, but takes some work."
It took awhile to get these sticks where I wanted them. I cranked the RH in my humidor to 85% and let them sit for 2 weeks. I tried one when they first arrived and one after 2 weeks, and it made a lot of difference. I know this isn t a top of the line smoke, but it does the trick when fishing or golfing. The only real problem I had was with the last 1/3, I don t know what the heck is in there, but I used a drawpoker and even that wouldn t loosen up what was in there. You get what you pay for. Don t go cheap and then bitch about an inferior product.
Stan in Wisconsin April 2, 2014
"Don't even think about it......"
This cigar is horrible. First off, you need to be able to suck start a Harley to get this party started. Seriously, you will need to suck on this thing like your life depends on it. The smoke is weak and the taste is horrible. Maybe I got a bad batch but never again. Thank god, there cheap but then again, you get what you pay for. The first one I light up, I couldn't even get a decent draw out of it. Though it was a bad one and lit up another one. Couldn't get halfway through it before it just tasted bad. Pass on this one and spend a little more.
Joe in Miami, Florida August 2, 2013
"Awful taste"
The instant I drew my first puff I knew that this cigar was destined to the garbage can. I will save you money by asking you to do the following: take a spoonful of ash and place it on your tongue, close your mouth. The after-taste of this experiment is what you will experience when puffing on this cheap bundle. Stay away from Value Line's bundles.
AC in AL-TN July 13, 2008
Horrible, poor taste, poor draw, had to relite 3-4 times. Will give to my golfing partner as he's too cheap to buy his own. I'll stay with my regular smoke, Baccarat Toro- a fine stick.
Bill in Wisconsin May 4, 2007
"Nice easy draw and enough flavor for the price"
I am a smoker of Drew Estates Natural and ACID line, but when I just need an everyday smoke that if I get bothered half way through I don't feel cheated. It is nutty and smooth and depending on the vintage varies with a stronger flavor. First bundle was smooth and even, as was the second. Third was dated in July 2005 and it has more of a bite to the flavor. All in all a great smoke for the money. The first bundle mellowed a little after just 2 or 3 months in the humidor. Try some, you won't be disappointed.
Dale Landry in LA January 25, 2007
"The best bang for a buck I have seen"
I received a bundle of robustos about 5 weeks ago.The first one I smoked immediately and was not disapointed.After 5 weeks in my humidor these cigars are amazingly good for the price.Although VERY good,the flavor can vary from one cigar to another.One tasted similar to a Baccarat wihtout the sweetness,but mild.Another one I smoked tasted like an Hoyo(I swear!) with a much stronger,but great flavor.The burn has been even,if a little quicker than some cigars.The shade wrapper(all were very nice) has a cedary,nutty aroma.The result of each draw was a huge cloud of billowy,sumptuous smoke.I have paid 8 dollars at cigar shops for sticks that were not as good as these.I have smoked 10 out of the bundle so far and all have been very good.If you like Honduran cigars,but don't want to pay premium prices,this is the cigar for you.
Jim McCluskey in Hermosa Beach,CA. October 16, 2004
"Harsh and bitter. Nothing like the description."
I was very disappointed in these cigars. The tobacco tasted like raw leaves--not mellow in the least. I tried one from two different bundles with the same result. The only reason I kept them is that I didn't want to pay return shipping. I'm hoping that a year or so in my humidor will help them to improve.
Larry in Wisconsin August 24, 2004
"nice suprise"
Bought a bundle for everyday smoke and I am well pleased, great draw, nice flavor, smoke them all the down till they burn my fingerswill buy more of these and you should too.
Richard Miller in Lugoff , S.C. September 5, 2003
"A Great Surprise..."
I ordered a bundle of these because they were on sale and I needed a cheap cigar to give away at my bar (my upmanns were getting a little expensive). To my surprise, this turned out to be a very nice smoke. The Corona is a mild smoke, easy draw, very consistent, with a solid finish. It burned evenly the whole way down. I'd compare it to a Helix 542, though my Value lines burned more consitently. I'll definately order more.
Chris in Hot Springs, AR August 31, 2003
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