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Value Line Dominican #200 Reviews

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Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Decent Value"
Well constructed, nice appearance. Tend to burn uneven, but no issues keeping lit. Easy consistent draw. All in all, a good value.
Keith in USA September 15, 2013
Value Line Dominican #200 Torpedo
"For the Money You Can Not Beat"
JIM in ALABAMA August 27, 2013
Value Line Dominican #200 Torpedo
"Decent Daily"
Bought a 5-pack, was pretty disappointed after a week 'settling' in the humi for 5 days or so -- turns out this needs a bit of time to get well-humidored, as the taste and construction suffered in transit overseas more than I anticipated (a reoccurring theme - take note military!). Just finished the last of the bunch, still some construction issues (minor split in the body, a bit of unraveling in the cap), but satisfying nonetheless, a medium-strength good for everyday smoking. Recommended.
B of GA in Georgia May 26, 2013
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
Got one in a sampler. Tastes good, not complex. Draw is good. However, burn is extremely uneven and had to light it about 4 times because it went out. Draw and taste is good, so they have a good thing going here if they can get the construction down pat.
Josh in Alabama April 15, 2013
Value Line Dominican #200 Lonsdale
"Good cigar"
Very good cigar for the price..
Thierry in South Florida February 15, 2013
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Decent Smoke"
Overall great smoke for the price. Decent burn, smooth flavor and taste. Will definitely buy these again!
JB in Centeville, VA December 17, 2012
Value Line Dominican #200 Corona Extra
"Simple smoke w/ ...."
...a nice feel, a smooth and easy draw, and an even burn. Got these as a 'freebie' w/ purchase @ FSS. Will let them rest and season in my humi...
MD in NJ September 30, 2012
Value Line Dominican #200 Corona Extra
"I like em"
I bought these because my humey was empty. They seem well seasoned and smoke well. I like em.Burns good and there not bad everyday smokes
DonB in VA August 29, 2012
Value Line Dominican #200 Lonsdale
"great cigar for the money i will tell my friends"
great cigar i have smoked about 8 of them so far great a couple have a hard draw but a poke with a turkey needle fixes that i will buy again
dan in hanover ma August 18, 2012
Value Line Dominican #200 Churchill
I got one of these in a sampler pack - I let it rest in the humidor for about 6 months and gave it a go. The construction is excellent but the wrapper looks a bit rustic. The flavour at the first 1/2 inch is nice and then it picks up and becomes strong with a bit of a bitter touch. One thing - this thinkg smokes like a a Cummins engine on a hill climb - it was great!
Joe from Ottawa July 6, 2012
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