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Value Line Dominican #200 Reviews

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Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Better than expected!"
With a name like "Famous Value Line" I wasn't expecting much from this stick. It had been sitting in my humidor, being overlooked for the more promising looking names/bands, but I finally got around to smoking it tonight. I was very pleasantly surprised! This stick is rolled well, has a great draw, and burned excellently! The flavor profile isn't extremely complex, predominately oaky with some toasted nutty flavor and an occasional hint of leather, but it's good for a cheap cigar. Had to put it out a little early for dinner, but at a little past the halfway point there was no sign of bitterness or ammonia and the retrohale was smooth. Famous, I'm impressed.
Josh in Arkansas November 17, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Not good"
This cigar was not good. I got a few of these in a variety pack. This was the first cigar I've had in a long time that I could not finish. The taste was just terrible.
Phil in Washington, DC October 14, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
First (real) cigar I have disliked so much I put it out half way. I couldn't help but be reminded of my cigarette smoking days. I only paid $1 for this with the 20 under 20 pack, but I feel even that was a little too much.
Brendan in Seattle, Cascadia September 5, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Very Good!"
A very good cigar. Great flavor. Great draw. It's one of my favorites.
Jimmy M in Texas September 5, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Not bad at all..."
I agree with Mike F. completely. This is a great everyday cigar; however, it must be handled with care from start to finish as the wrapper is very delicate. Fantastic even burn. Great consistency throughout. No complaints on the draw. Basic value cigar appearance. I really enjoyed the taste. The perfect cigar for those times when you want a light bodied smoke with flavor that won't break the bank. Try one...
SONOFGOD in Wall Street August 21, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Way better than I expected!"
Very pleased with this one. Great burn and good construction...Bought the sampler #1 with some reservations...glad I did now! I will be getting a bundle of these very soon! A new everyday favorite that I intend to always have on hand. Mild to medium and a natural sweetness. Hope they are all like this... Can hardly wait until I room for more.
mark Humphries in tyler texas August 14, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Belicoso
"Something to smoke"
Plain basic cigar. Lacks any real character. Better with something fruity to drink.
mark in Tyler, Texas August 13, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Lonsdale
Along with everything that comes out of this cigar factory (Pinar Del Rio) this cigar is either fantastic or tastes like moldy hay. 1 bundle is great, the next is awful. It's a shame, because when their cigars are good, they're great.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI July 24, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Lonsdale
I found these to be a smooth enjoyable flavor, with only a few too tightly wrapped to enjoy.
Ken in Central Ms July 21, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Torpedo
"After good start, got stronger and burned unevenly"
Looked and tasted okay at start, but then got stronger and started tunneling, in an uneven burn where I did not burn the last three inches.
Roger Shipp in Mpls, MN July 15, 2011
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