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Value Line Dominican #200 Reviews

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Value Line Dominican #200 Churchill
Smoked one off the truck and wasn't thrilled. Tight draw. Give them even a little time in the humodor and found a very smooth and mild cigar for the 'buck'. Give them a little aging time and found them to have that wonderull Dominican taste that burns straight and true, holds the ash very well. The draw is a little tight but a good everyday cigar for the money. I'm a Nicaraguan fan but when I want a change this is the cigar I will go for.
Value Line Dominican #200 Robusto
"Not for me"
I'm a noob, but this cigar burned nicely, and had a good draw. I did have problems with the wrapper unraveling but then again that was my fault for wedging it in a fence when I needed to set it down. This was just too much cigar for me. I didn't care for the flavor but I think that's a personal preference thing more than anything.
RICK BLAKE in BAKERSIELD, CA July 6, 2011 in MN April 26, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Churchill
"the best value ive found"
the taste is great the price is right
jt in omaha March 14, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Perfecto
"Extremely good for the price"
I decided to order a bundle of these cigars since I love perfectos and I wanted a good everyday cigar. Since finding perfecto bundles or well priced perfecto cigars for that matter is very difficult I went with these. I must say these cigars are far better than I expected them to be at this price. The cigars are very smooth and have a great connecticut taste and aroma. I will admit some are better constructed out of the bundle than others but that is the case with any bundle cigar and although construction has been a little choppy it has not become too big of an issue. Over all I think these are one of the best deal on this site and come highly recommended.
TexAgg in Texas March 9, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Churchill
"very nice great taste fantastic value"
will buy more the price is right
TexAgg in Texas March 9, 2011 February 22, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Perfecto
"Touch & Go"
First one out of the bundle was exceptional, for the price. However, as I have progressed through them, about half of them required much attention to the draw. Some, merely required another 1/4 inch to be removed from one end or the other. Some required a skewer, pushed through. The taste isn't bad; nothing to write home about, by any means. Hey, you're on your own on these.
WGP in Minnesota February 7, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Belicoso
"Pretty Good!"
I picked up a bundle off of a Cigar Monster deal. Nice mild smoke, bready with a pleasant toasty aroma. Solid build and an even burn. I plan on smoking more of these and at the price I paid I can pass them out to friends.
Josh in Winter Springs, Fl February 3, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Churchill
"Loose and mushy"
Rolled very loose, occassionaly flashes up to being on fire. Inconsistant draw and tunnels excessively. Not bad taste and reasonably well constructed except for being loose and mushy. Will let them rest in the humidore, draw and burn may get better. Will not purchase again.
Mike in Camp Verde Az January 11, 2011
Value Line Dominican #200 Lonsdale
At first I was a tad sceptical about these. The first one I smoked was a miss, but so far the rest have been very tasty. Recommended.
BOB.B in YONKERS, NY August 23, 2010
Value Line Dominican #200 Perfecto
"Exceptional for the money"
I am on a kick now of trying every perfecto cigar that I can find. This was a nice addition to the list. Very clean, sweet yet flavorful smoke. There have not been any draw issues as I have found with some. They are well constructed, solid yet very smokable. They have a very crisp long finish. Another "Famous" homerun.
Steve in Texas August 9, 2010
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