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Value Line Honduran #300 Reviews

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Value Line 300 Honduran Corona
"Ok, but takes some work."
It took awhile to get these sticks where I wanted them. I cranked the RH in my humidor to 85% and let them sit for 2 weeks. I tried one when they first arrived and one after 2 weeks, and it made a lot of difference. I know this isn t a top of the line smoke, but it does the trick when fishing or golfing. The only real problem I had was with the last 1/3, I don t know what the heck is in there, but I used a drawpoker and even that wouldn t loosen up what was in there. You get what you pay for. Don t go cheap and then bitch about an inferior product.
Stan in Wisconsin April 2, 2014
Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"Spicy Firecracker"
A really nice smoke for the money. Surprisingly spicy flavor profile that s slightly reminiscent of a Padron Londres Maduro though obviously not as complex . Initial flavors are peppery and spicy, then I tasted a slightly sweet, cherry note. I ll definitely get these again.
Flack53 in Atlanta December 9, 2013
Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"Horrible And Couldn't Even Smoke Them"
These cigars taste horrible and even trying to smoke them was difficult. They do not re-lght and can t get a draw on them. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but I wasted my money on these.
Joe in NY December 1, 2013
Value Line 300 Honduran Corona
"Don't even think about it......"
This cigar is horrible. First off, you need to be able to suck start a Harley to get this party started. Seriously, you will need to suck on this thing like your life depends on it. The smoke is weak and the taste is horrible. Maybe I got a bad batch but never again. Thank god, there cheap but then again, you get what you pay for. The first one I light up, I couldn't even get a decent draw out of it. Though it was a bad one and lit up another one. Couldn't get halfway through it before it just tasted bad. Pass on this one and spend a little more.
Joe in Miami, Florida August 2, 2013
Value Line Honduran #300 Churchill
"A very mild budget smoke"
I bought these to try for an every day smoke. I am a truck driver and have plenty of time to smoke a large cigar, which these are. They are mild, with good construction and a pretty consistent burn. Overall a decent smoke.
Mike in Southern Illinois May 6, 2013
Value Line Honduran #300 Churchill
"worst cigar I ever tried"
This cigar has to be the worst waste of money I ever spent. it canoed all the way to the end. I still have another 15 left. they are going in the trash!!!!
benedict in new york April 18, 2013
Value Line Honduran #300 Perfeccion
"Hard draw disappointed"
Not as tasty as you would think. Also had a hard draw and even burning.
Abe in New York December 27, 2012
Value Line Honduran #300 Lonsdale
"Not bad"
Tried the first stick. A little harsh, but a nice, smooth burn. I think they will improve with some humidor time. Overall, not bad. Looking forward to trying another in about a month.
Stew in Stamford, CT September 9, 2011
Value Line Honduran #300 Churchill
"very satisfied"
I was pleasantly suprised bu size & quality of cigar. Tired of churchill size & found this as larger alternative, quality was also better than I expected. Little pricey for me, but acceptable
joe in linden, NJ August 27, 2011
Value Line Honduran #300 Perfeccion
"Great Value"
Great taste and value. I like smoking while playing a round of golf.
Daleypro in MA August 19, 2011
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