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Value Line Honduran #300 Reviews

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Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"not too shabby!"
Got these in a few weeks back, and after reading tips from other reviewers, I plopped them straight to the humidor and didn't touch them until now. This smoke is very smooth, and easy on the palate. The burn is slow and consistent, and is staying lit better than some $3 sticks I've smoked. Very nice, and worth getting again!
Ed in Paola, Ks March 16, 2011
Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"Close 2nd to an Ashton"
smooth stick, great for a daily smoke, turned my buddy onto one and then followed up next day with an $10 gar, he liked the Value Line better. Will definately buy again.
KJ in Cummins December 28, 2010
Value Line Honduran #300 Churchill
"Mild, even burning cigar"
This was one of the most evenly burning cigars I've tried so far. It has a light natural wrapper, and a mild taste. I like it more than allot of the $10 cigars I've smoked.
Don in New York November 18, 2009
Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"Don't let the lack of a fancy name scare you..."
I would like to tell you that these sticks were awful. I would like to do that, so that I could continue to buy them cheap and keep the secret to myself. Integrity will not let me. The first one out of the bundle was so good I thought the band fell off of a Perdomo Lot 23. Consistency varies at times (from stick to stick) but overall I think I have found a new daily burner. Toasty, nice on the nose, and a pretty even burn overall, you CANNOT beat this cigar for a buck a piece. After a few weeks in the humidor they have gotten even better. I have had much worse and paid much more. Kudos to you FSS!
Jay P. in Florida September 30, 2009
Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"nice and smooth."
I was pretty hesitant to try one of these after I started to read all the things said about them but after I received my order and tried one of them I was extremely happy with them and thankful I bought more than one bundle of them. For the price you can't go wrong, they are very nice with a smooth full draw, they have a mixed flavor to them and they burned very evenly through the whole cigar and they kept a nice ash to the end. Like I said I am extremely happy that I got them. If you want a nice smooth smoking cigar with lots of different flavors to it then you can't go wrong with these in my opinion. Nice job with these cigars.
Ron in Michigan August 29, 2009
Value Line Honduran #300 Perfeccion
"excellent cigar for the price,equal to astrals"
great cigar for the price,better than some banded boxed sticks
stan in pittsburgh August 10, 2008
Value Line Honduran #300 Robusto
"Great Deal for a Smooth Honduran"
It's surprising, really, what a cigar smoker will try as an alternative to established, expensive brands. From horse poop to chicken coop we go on our quest for a reasonable deal. The Value Line 300 is is one for the A-list. A dark maduro cigar with an oily wrapper begs to be rolled between the fingers, its pre-light scent taken in. The profile was of deep earth with sweet undertones of well-aged tobacco; a bleepin' delight for the price. Once lit, it stayed lit--burning evenly to the end. The smoke was plentiful though not bountiful. The taste was mild and pleasant though unexpectedly one-dimensional given the original nose. So soldier on, but throw a bundle of these in your humidor before you do. I've been reaching for these more often than some others.
RunDoggy in Las Vegas, NV July 26, 2008
Value Line 300 Honduran Corona
"Awful taste"
The instant I drew my first puff I knew that this cigar was destined to the garbage can. I will save you money by asking you to do the following: take a spoonful of ash and place it on your tongue, close your mouth. The after-taste of this experiment is what you will experience when puffing on this cheap bundle. Stay away from Value Line's bundles.
AC in AL-TN July 13, 2008
Value Line Honduran #300 Churchill
"Poor Quality - Don't Buy"
Waste of almost anything but this. Have not been able to smoke one yet. They will not draw, crack, tear up, and are in general poorly constructed. Yes I did put them in my humidor for a month and it was a waste of time.
JTaylor in Houston May 31, 2008
Value Line Honduran #300 Churchill
"Issues with the cap"
I ordered a single to try several months ago and it was fine. No construction issues and smoked very nicely... Ordered a bundle then, now about half of them (smoked 8 so far) have the wrapper unravel when I cut or punch them. The ones which don't unravel smoke fine and I enjoy, the ones which do unravel taste bitter if I try to smoke them. A definite bummer. If they did not unravel, I would buy more, but since half of them have so far, I won't.
Wes Cooper in Missouri August 19, 2007
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