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Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Reviews

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Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Corona
I really try not to get in a rut, so this is the one that broke me away from my norm. Ok, so out of the UPS brown box: 1. Deep oily look. 2. Don't you just love squeezing them and complimenting the firm wrap without destroying the stick?! Nice generous weight to also note. 3. Very clean pre-light smell, lots of leather there. 4. The burn got a little catywompus, but that was my fault. The cool thing is after I paid better attention to what I was doing it evened right out. 5. The draw was a little tight, but no eye ball damage. Lots of plume, my wife even said it smelled sweet. 6. Taste... This one will grab you and it's a strong one too! Not too woody, an instant coating of the entire mouth. I'll be back for this one again. Did you see the price?! At the corner store I'd still pick this one up for more! I hope this helps.
Oliver in California April 10, 2013
Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Corona
"Try one!"
Wow! what a cigar. Excellent flavor and cheap. This is my new favorite.
Tony in Texas January 18, 2013
Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Short Robusto
"Nice burn..Flavor..Easy Draw"
Cigar has a nice appearance, seems to be well made, easy draw with nice burn with creamy smoke. Been buying these for a couple of months. Medium smoke with good taste all the way to the end.
Bobby in Niles October 20, 2012
Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Grande
"A Must Have"
This cigar is well worth the money. You'll Find that it will stay consistant all the way through. A good rich, creamy taste. All I say is WOW!
MikeTheTrucker in Colorado Springs September 19, 2012
Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Grande
"great Smoke buy more later"
value line no.100 grande got great taste and take like a hour or 3 to finish this cigar recomend it is good for parties with your buds
Alex in Puerto Rico September 13, 2012
Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Toro
"Darn Good Smoke!"
I love this cigar! To me the taste reminds me of the old Famous 7k series. Spicy with just a touch hint of sweetness. This smoke is THE best bargin in the house!
David C in Gulfport, MS May 3, 2012
Value Line Nicaraguan #100 Robusto
"Save your money for a good cigar"
This cigar is putrid. Smoke it outside for sure because the aroma is awful. The draw isn't bad but the smoke is hot and rips your mouth up. In fact the whole cigar burned so hot it hurt my fingers. It tastes like a charcoal briquette.
Jeff in California December 5, 2010
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