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Vector Heatran Triple Flame Lighter Reviews [view details]

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"The Best"
This is the best lighter I've ever had, several of which cost $100+. Mine has been going strong for years, what a great value.
Adam in Pennsylvania August 4, 2014
"Sending it Back"
Worked good for two days. After that, can't keep it lit. Tried bleeding and draining and refilling. Gave up. I'm sending it back or throwing it away.
JT in Connecticut July 12, 2014
"Fantastic lighter"
I bought this lighter on sale for $19.95 The triple flame marble mahogany is a beautiful lighter with built in punch cutter. I love this lighter so much, I will probably buy 2 more. This lighter comes with a 5 year warranty with no proof of purchase is required.
Steve in Hagerstown, Maryland April 11, 2014
"Excellent Torch - includes a punch cutter"
This is a great lighter and the 5 year no proof of purchase required warranty is great. I returned this lighter once after a year of use and it was quickly repaired. There is a punch cutter on the bottom of the lighter that works great. I purchased it on the cigar monster for $16.98 that included shipped. Best deal on a lighter ever!
Brad in Chester February 28, 2014
"Not the best, but not the most expensive.."
It does not light on the first attempt every time like several Colibris I have, but it cost about 1/3 as much. If you do not mind striking two or three times it is a good lighter for the price.
Russell in Frisco, Tx March 14, 2013
"Best $25 I ever spent"
I think it is great.
G.I.Jo in USA September 10, 2012
"Worth the price!"
Got this on the Monster for $15. Its worked better than a Colibri that I bought for $100 at my local store. I might buy another one just cause.
kingofjax in jacksonville, fl February 17, 2012
"Dependable Lighter!"
This is a GREAT lighter for the money. It's a triple flame so don't expect it to a butane saver!! It comes with a nice punch on the bottom of the lighter that flips out! It's nice to have when you forget your cutter! For 20 dollars it doesn't get much better!
Alex in Chicago IL November 28, 2011