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Vector Radar Gunmetal Satin Reviews [view details]

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"Defective alright!"
Like Rick, I bought this lighter at cigarfest after having been convinced that Vector is as good a lighter as Xikar and others for a lesser price. The lighter broke after a week of use. I sent it to Vector. They did not send me a new one...they fixed the old one and returned it. The cutter blade has since broken off, the lighter no longer sparks, requiring 20-30 pushes of the ignition button to light it, and it sputters like crazy. I m sorry I wasted the money on Vector. Never again.
Pete in Binghamton, NY November 2, 2013
"defected lighter"
I brought your lighter during cigarfest 2013, after using it a couple of times to smoke on my back deck the metal plug broke off and stuck in the cigar. Couple days later it would not light the cigars without pushing the handle numinous times. Called Vector in California they said to ship it to them, hopefully they will ship a new one back to me. I love the triple flame and the site glass in the lighter, just hope I didn't get a bad lighter.
Rick in Vineland, New Jersey July 29, 2013