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Vector Thundra Black Matte Triple Flame Lighter Reviews [view details]

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"Vector Thundra . . . Impressive!"
I have had mine for about a year now. When I break this out, guys I am smoking with always make a comment like, Whoa! That s a lighter. Huge tank capacity, heavy/solid in the hand, and works like a charm. A+
The Duke in Kansas City January 23, 2014
"Vector Thundra rocks!"
My Thundra lighter is a promotional item from a well known cigar maker. It was either free or very cheap with box purchase. Although I haven't put a ton of hours on it, it has been used on dozens of occasions by groups of men smoking fro hours. Recently I have been using it as my primary "Backyard" torch. It works perfectly almost as it did when new. Th only sign of wear is the flame adjuster is now always at max level, which is no real setback at all. I love it and if one day it fails, I will replace it for sure! For the price, do not even hesitate to buy this triple flamed beast.
smokemupjake in Sunrise, FL July 8, 2012
"Died after 1 month."
Completely died after 1 month.
Michael in Syracuse, NY June 20, 2012
"Best Lighter Buy Ever"
I purchased my Vector Thundra over five years ago. From the day it arrived until now I have used it to light up almost all the cigars I smoke at home. That's usually 3-5 cigars a day, more on weekends, and all the relights and touch-ups for five years. My Thundra almost always ignites on the first strike, unless the fuel is low. That's rare, because the fuel tank is huge. Even with my heavy daily use, I only refuel it about once very 6=7 weeks. After the workout I've given it, the Thundra still looks great and works like new. Having a table lighter like this has made the pleasure of cigar smoking even better.
David B in NC March 27, 2012