Vector Tri-Pump Triple Flame Cigar Lighter: 2-Tone Chrome Black

2-Tone Chrome Black

$116.99 Retail Price: $ 130.00
Chrome Lighter
Hi-Polish Chrome

$116.99 Retail Price: $ 130.00
Gunmetal Lighter
Gunmetal Satin

$116.99 Retail Price: $ 130.00
Chrome Lighter
Chrome Satin

$103.99 Retail Price: $ 130.00
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Black Chrome Gunmetal Chrome
Vector Tri-Pump Triple Flame lighters are a sturdy, all-metal tabletop cigar lighter. Precision engineering and construction ensure thousands of worry-free lights. Flame adjustment screw and refill needle are both on the bottom, for clean, industrial appearance. Simply push the wheel to ignite.
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"Product never worked right "
I bought this lighter in Feb. it has never worked right and it's too expensive t ...  more
Fred in St Louis
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