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"My Favorite Lighter"
Of my 25 or so butane lighters I own, two of these are Vector Triple Flames. I bought one four years ago and the other around two years ago. When you are out sailing in the winds, these are by far my preferred lighters to use. It will last the heavy cigar smoker, such as myself, all day long before needing to be refilled. I will admit that both have been sent in for repair in the past, but repairs were made in a speedy manner at no charge.
Bob in Lakeside, CA September 27, 2014
"Get what ya paid for...Junk"
I purchased this lighter, open the box pushed the side bar to open the cap of the lighter one of the nozzle jets was completely loose, flying around inside of the opening. Will advise more upon Famous Smoke's response to this.
Brad J in Quad Cities, IL USA August 26, 2013
"they made it right"
An update about my Vector lighter. I called Famous and spoke with John (nice guy), I'm getting a replacement...good job Famous. It pays to contact Famouse first.
Ed in Madison, Ohio February 15, 2013
"Took my money!"
This lighter is fickled and works when it wants to. I 'm very dissapointed with this purchse. Don't waste your money.
Edwin in Madison, Ohio January 20, 2013
"Very nice lighter for the price!"
I picked up this lighter from the Monster after my Ever Tech died. It has not disappointed. Works great in windy areas.
Ron in Kentucky September 19, 2011
"Great lighter but uses alot of gas."
Lighter does what it should. Looks good and seems to be constructed well. Be prepared to refill often as it uses alot of gas. I would recommend especially at the $20 I paid (special bundle price).
Jeffrey B in USA September 5, 2011
"Really good lighter"
This lighter is nicer than my Xikar.
Sean in Ft. Worth August 22, 2011
"Quit working after first fill."
Lasted less than a month.I tried the air release method,but it still will not keep a flame.
Mike in Lewisville February 1, 2011
Works very well. Has a very large resevour for butane and seems to last for quite a while. Silent. Very smooth and effortless function. Nice to look at too.
Will in Montana June 5, 2010