Vector Vulcan Triple Flame Cigar Lighter: Gunmetal Satin

Gunmetal Lighter
Gunmetal Satin

$39.99Retail Price: $ 49.95
Black Lighter
Black Crackle Matte

$39.99Retail Price: $ 49.95
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The Vector Vulcan triple-flame cigar lighter offers attractive design and a powerful trident flame for perfect toasting and lighting of your cigars. Others features include an ignition button that seamlessly opens and closes the cap and a large fuel tank for fewer refills.
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"My Favorite Lighter "
Of my 25 or so butane lighters I own, two of these are Vector Triple Flames. I b... more
Bob in Lakeside, CA
"Get what ya paid for...Junk "
I purchased this lighter, open the box pushed the side bar to open the cap of th... more
Brad J in Quad Cities, IL USA
"they made it right "
An update about my Vector lighter. I called Famous and spoke with John (nice guy... more
Ed in Madison, Ohio
"Took my money! "
This lighter is fickled and works when it wants to. I 'm very dissapointed with ... more
Edwin in Madison, Ohio
"Very nice lighter for the price! "
I picked up this lighter from the Monster after my Ever Tech died. It has not di... more
Ron in Kentucky
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