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Vega Fina Reviews

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Vega Fina Robusto
"Probably won't smoke this one again"
I'll be perfectly honest here, $5 is better spent towards another cigar. First, the draw was a real drag. Next, the taste wasn't all too great and at one point I even had a hint of PLASTIC. The burn was uneven the entire time. Sorry Vega Fina, I know you can do better.
Kason in Seattle March 11, 2013
Vega Fina Toro
"Great Draw, Excellent Taste!"
This is a cigar for those who like a Montecristo. Mild to Medium Great draw and excellent taste. Best 5.00 Cigar I have had. Enjoy.
RMH in Asheville, NC December 6, 2012
Vega Fina Robusto
"My go-to everyday smoke"
Excellent medium smoke. While it doesn't have the complex flavors of a full bodied cigar the flavors that this cigar provides are pleasant.
Michael in Ariziona July 8, 2012
Vega Fina Churchill
"Clean well made stick"
Tried these after reading several reviews. Very impressed. Clean, consistant burn. Solid construction and great tasre. A small step below Ashton Cabinet...similar in taste at a lower price.......willl be in my humidor for the summer back porch smokes.
Street in Vermont July 3, 2012
Vega Fina Robusto
"average, at best"
I am not impressed by this cigar. People in Europe love it, but I find it to boring and one dimensional. At a $100.oo a box, it is way overpriced.
pete in lacey, wa. June 3, 2012
Vega Fina Corona
"Almost as bad as white owls"
Easily the worst non gas station cigar I have ever smoked. Had lovely hints of cardboard and sandpaper. Left me with an awful taste in my mouth that would not go away.
David in Cockeysville, MD April 30, 2012
Vega Fina Churchill
"consistantly good"
I have ordered and smoked many of these fine cigars and they are now a staple in my humidor. Very consistant construction; great burn, draw. For a "mild" smoke, very satisfying, with a melody of subtile- pleasant flavors. A real "sleeper" and great value...
steve g in san diego April 14, 2012
Vega Fina Robusto
"Not too impressed"
Nothing wrong with the construction, burned well, good draw. To me personally just too much one dimentional, woody. Couldn't really appreciate anything else about it.
Russell in Matthews, NC February 5, 2012
Vega Fina Corona
Best ever smoked, nice cigars.
Rudi in Belgium November 24, 2011
Vega Fina Robusto
"The little guy wins it!"
I was in the retail shop when I tried this sucker. I was told it was a mild cigar with a lot of flavor. Im kind of a cigar snob and I prefer full bodied sticks so it started off with two strikes. It wasnt looking good for the Vega. After lighting it up, it was a home run, and trust me, I took my time strolling around the bases. Flavor was great. Its something to smoke if you just want something light to enjoy. I was told this is one of the most popular cigars to smoke in Spain right now. How true that is, i dont know, but if it is the Spanish are a smart people regardless how stupid running with a heard of bulls is. When you factor in price, flavor, and construction, there is no other.
Jon in Nuevo Jersey November 12, 2011
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