Vertigo Nitro Twin Flame with Punch Matte Gun Metal Cigar Lighter: Twin Flame Matte Gun Metal

Gunmetal Lighter
Twin Flame Matte Gun Metal

$16.99Retail Price: $ 19.99
Black Lighter
Twin Flame Black

$16.99Retail Price: $ 19.99
Silver Lighter
Twin Flame Brushed Silver

$16.99Retail Price: $ 19.99
NOTE: If you purchase this lighter, ALL items in your order will ship UPS Ground for a flat $8.99 S&H charge.[?]
Click to Enlarge - [LG-VRT-NITROGUN]
Vertigo (by LOTUS) lighters are designed with value in mind for the budget-wise smoker who doesn't want to shell out a lot of cash for a reliable, high-quality cigar lighter. Available a unique mix of finishes and designs, Vertigo Jolt, Regal, Blitz, Falcon and Nitro lighters offer a variety of special features, including soft and torch flame systems, cigar punches, and more. Each Vertigo lighter is backed by a 1-year warranty. Get yours now.
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