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Villiger Reviews

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Villiger Premium #10 Vanilla (10)
"The Best"
Great FLAVOR,easy draw and consistent burn.The best for the price.
Michael in Lacey, Wa. April 24, 2014
Villiger Premium #6 Honey (10)
I just received one tin from a friend in KSA Saudi as a gift and they are excellent. I will be ordering them.
Ron in Mindanao, Philippines January 12, 2014
Villiger Kiel Brasil (10)
"Not the best..., but..."
Not the best..., but still a good choice..., I was expecting more..., actually :)
Vasil in CA September 12, 2013
Villiger Premium #7
"Best Villiger Cigar For Me"
Fresh pack means a consistent smoke. One or two have had some ammonia taste - but I love this with some red wine.
Rob P in Vietnam August 10, 2013
Villiger Premium #6 Honey (10)
I use to smoke black and milds till i was introduced to this excellent smoke. Love this
Don in chicago December 6, 2012
Villiger Kiel Brasil (10)
"Elvis Smoked These"
Marty Lacker commented on how Elvis really liked Kiels because of their unique shape and build, plus their taste. His everyday cigar of choice were Hav A Tampa. That said, I really like these. As Elvis did, I appreciate the shape and size and the taste. It is different. I'd give these a try, and, if someone asks, just tell them they were the kind The King smoked.
Sal in Arlington, VA August 8, 2012
Villiger Kiel Brasil (10)
"Very Nice"
Based on other Villiger smokes I had high expectations. I wasn't disappointed. Very well constructed with great flavor. When compared to Villiger other small cigar manufacturers should be ashamed!
Bob in TX February 11, 2012
Villiger Kiel Mild Junior Sumatra (10)
"The best every day little cigars"
The best every day little cigars
Thierry S in South Florida September 13, 2011
Villiger Premium #7
"Not as good as the Exports!"
Good flavor in the smoke but nothing compared to its Export brethren! Don't understand why they cost so much more than the Exports??? Maybe because they aren't dry cured....
Ron in Southern California September 8, 2011
Villiger Premium #7 (5)
"Very Special"
Never thought I could say this, but the #7 is even better the the Export....
Raymond K Woolums in Indianapolis September 9, 2010
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