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Villiger Export Reviews

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Villiger Export Export Brazil (5)
"Great Cigar"
Surprising cigar! Yes they are chopped short filler cigars made in a machine but the flavor is very good. The wrappers are excellent and each cigar is well made and consistent. Burn is perfect and draw is good once you get used to the square shape. I found the flavor to be a surprise and each stick gives good performance. Smooth, slightly sweet tobacco with no bad manners with construction for the 15 to 20 minutes of smoking time. I have many handmade cigars I like but they can vary in taste so having a consistent machine made cigar with a similar taste as some of my better handmades is nice when I want good flavor and a quick smoke. I will be buying these again. I keep them in the humidor for freshness.
Robert in St.Louis November 13, 2014
Villiger Export Export (5)
"Clean and consistent"
A good, solid smoke. Straightforward in design, construction and flavor. Practical.
Hal in Brooklyn February 8, 2014
Villiger Export Export (5)
Have smoked them for thirty five years and have never had a bad one, smooth smoking enjoyable small to medium cigar
John in Canberra, Australia December 10, 2013
Villiger Export Export
"Really Nice! :)"
I totally agreed with the other reviews! Really decent smoke if you don't have time. :)
Vasil in CA September 23, 2013
Villiger Export Export (5)
"Ideal mid-range smoke"
Evening cigar in week, nice 20 mins consistent smoke. Not a premium cigar but excellent value for money.
Rob P in Vietnam August 10, 2013
Villiger Export Export
"Solid, Consistent with Mild Flavour"
The ideal in-between cigar. You want something a bit more classy than a cigarillo, but not enough time for a premium cigar? This is my week day evening cigar.
Rob P in Vietnam July 31, 2013
Villiger Export Export (5)
"Great value"
These are really nice for a quick smoke, and feel good about handing one out to a friend. Perfect for the golf bag or tackle box. Nice burn and easy draw, good flavor.
Doug in Seattle May 12, 2013
Villiger Export Export (5)
"very pleased"
Don't have much to compare to as I am some what new to cigar smoking. For what its worth I found it almost creamy with noticeable sweetness. No disappointments, came back to buy more.
Gabe T. in SD so-cal May 5, 2013
Villiger Export Export (5)
"great cigar !"
for the price i though they were going be good but not great . this little cigar is packet with flavor .
Homer February 12, 2013
Villiger Export Export (5)
"For $6.60?"
I thought I'd throw these in my cart to make up to $75 for a free Kuba Kuba 5 Pack and I can't express how happy I am that I did so. The box they come in is a great little touch and so is the individual wrapping. The construction alone is superb with a firm draw. I had one of these after lunch and it's an absolutely perfect little smoke - the perfect size for a quick but full smoke. It did not leave my mouth with a foul taste - very rich for a machine made. I'd say everyone should at least try out one of these; you can't really go wrong for $6.60.
Alex C. in VA January 9, 2013
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