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Villiger Export Reviews

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Villiger Export Maduro (5)
"great cigar !"
for the price i though they were going be good but not great . this little cigar is packet with flavor .
Homer February 12, 2013
Villiger Export Maduro (5)
"For $6.60?"
I thought I'd throw these in my cart to make up to $75 for a free Kuba Kuba 5 Pack and I can't express how happy I am that I did so. The box they come in is a great little touch and so is the individual wrapping. The construction alone is superb with a firm draw. I had one of these after lunch and it's an absolutely perfect little smoke - the perfect size for a quick but full smoke. It did not leave my mouth with a foul taste - very rich for a machine made. I'd say everyone should at least try out one of these; you can't really go wrong for $6.60.
Alex C. in VA January 9, 2013
Villiger Export Sumatra
"Great cigar, Great price..."
Amazing Cigar and for the price you really cannot beat it.
Trevor in Visalia Ca October 21, 2012
Villiger Export Maduro (5)
Simply one damn fine smoke. Buy a 10 pack. You'll wish you'd have bought more.
Bob in TX February 11, 2012
Villiger Export Sumatra (5)
"Great Cigar"
Excellent cigar from beginning to end. Well constructed. Great flavor. Take a lesson other manufacturers!
Bob in TX February 10, 2012
Villiger Export Sumatra
"Nice smoke"
I've been smoking these for 10 years. Nothing fancy, just a good smoke for the price.
Bob in TX February 10, 2012 January 20, 2012
Villiger Export Maduro
"Big smoke in a petite package!"
Wonderful maduro smoke! Much richer than the natural version. Great wrapper and consistency in these wonderful little cigars!
Ron in Southern California September 8, 2011
Villiger Export Sumatra
"Rich FLAVOR in a small Cigar!"
For what it is in a short smoke, awesome flavor, rich characteristics found in full size cigars! Very aromatic as well. Will smoke for 40 minutes if you can take your time with them...
Ron in Southern California August 24, 2011
Villiger Export Sumatra (5)
"Little jewels"
Mellow and elegant. I prefer these over the maduro but they're both good.
Paul Suffridge in Norman,OK May 10, 2011
Villiger Export Maduro
Good smoke. Very mellow with excellent draw and unique shape. Not my regular smoke but good one to have around.
Paul Suffridge in Norman, OK May 10, 2011
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