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"Best Villiger Cigar For Me"
Fresh pack means a consistent smoke. One or two have had some ammonia taste - but I love this with some red wine.
Rob P in Vietnam August 10, 2013
"Not as good as the Exports!"
Good flavor in the smoke but nothing compared to its Export brethren! Don't understand why they cost so much more than the Exports??? Maybe because they aren't dry cured....
Ron in Southern California September 8, 2011
"#1 choice"
I was stationed in Germany for 3 years. Many of my friends got me hooked on Cubans. Nothing but the best at my reach. Finding an alturnative is not easy. Until my wife came home from Iraq with these. I haven't changed since then! They are a great replacement for Cubans that I was hooked on. You want great flavor and everyday cigar this is the one for you.
Justin Smith in Oklahoma June 15, 2010
"Great simple flavor and quick smoke"
I had coworker bring a box of Villigers back from Isreal for me many years ago and I have been hooked ever since. The irony was he wasn't a cigar smoker. Villiger 7's are great little everyday cigars when your not looking for a long smoke. They dont have a heavy bite and no strong after taste. The indvidual wrappers are geat since they keep the cigar in perfect shape without the need of a travel humidor. I have turned many people on to this cigar and so far no one has had anything bad to say. Enjoy!
Richard J in NY February 21, 2010
"Not their best offering"
I love Villiger exports, best small cigar out there. This one was a bit of a let down. Very loose which made for some uneven burning and the taste just was not there. I will give this one another try.
The Mad Hermit in Bristol, CT February 18, 2010
The best little smoke you can buy for the price.
Big Aug in Pittsburgh April 2, 2009
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10 Construction (87) 100
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