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Vindicator By Oliva Reviews

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Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
"Nice Surprise"
Got with sampler packs while ordering other Oliva cigars, after 2 or three times realized I enjoyed as much as the ones I was ordering. Great cigar for the price.
Mike M in Frankfort, IL January 11, 2015
Vindicator By Oliva 660
"Great Tasting Puro"
Really enjoyed this sampler. Great taste, not stellar, nutty with a little spice, not really hot, and burned really good without much problem.
Mike M in Boise, ID January 13, 2014
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"Not very good"
This got me my nicotine fix, but that's about it. It's not well-packed so it started unraveling and therefore burned somewhat unevenly, it went off pretty quickly if left unattended, and there were no flavors other than those of natural cigarette tobacco. At the end, I was reeking of pipe tobacco. If the label wasn't enough of a hint, this is a cigar for undiscerning palates, kinda like a Charles Shaw wine.
Stefan in City by the Bay October 5, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"Hot...Real Hot!"
Lit well and even, but this is the only cigar I have ever had where the smoke coming off the foot and back into in my face had burned my eyes to the point of tears.
Pops in Chucktown September 18, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
"Decent cigar :)"
I'm really satisfied! It's a decent cigar and I don't have anything against it. ;)
Vasil in CA August 10, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"Doesn't get any better"
Have been sampling and smoking as many cigars as possible over the last couple of years looking for "a daily smoke". Found it, every Vindicator I light up gives me the most consistent burn and draw of any cigar I have sampled, coupled with great taste and appearance. Thanks Oliva.
Thom in South Carolina August 4, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
Bland and mild!
Alberto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Churchill
"Crazy Good"
Oliva just keeps turning out extremely good cigars. This one doesn't disappoint in the slightest. I find these to be more on the mild to medium side personally. Regardless, they offer a deceptively good smoke. They start out on the medium to full side but before you know it, it settles down into an extremely nice, smooth, slightly sweet and kinda mild smoke. All that I have smoked burned very well with no issues whatsoever. These are an extremely good, solid smoke. I'll be certain to have some of these on hand from now on.
Bill K in Savannah, Ga May 24, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
"Good cigar, average value"
Was a pretty good cigar. Tasted like most other full-bodied Robustos. Great construction! Only thing is that there are other cigars I enjoy more for less money.
Josh in Bama May 23, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"I don't get it..."
Wow, got a free 5 pack with a box purchase, and sadly, that's all they're worth. Fan of Oliva, especially their Conn Reserve Torpedo, but these are hot, impossible draw, just not even a good "yard cigar". Won't buy.
Michael in California May 14, 2013
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