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Vindicator By Oliva Reviews

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Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"Good medium+ taste, draw, and burns nice."
Very enjoyable - it was my first experience with Oliva cigars. Have purchase more.
Charlie Z in Grand Rapids, MI April 26, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
Maybe I got a bad batch. I don't get an even burn, each puff I take taste different (not a good way), it taste horrible, the smell is just disgusting, it does not stay lit... the only positive of this cigar is that is looks nice but that is it.
JDC in Los Angeles April 5, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
"Nice surprise, good flavor"
nice surprise, got a 5 pack free with the purchase I made. Wasn't expecting much but the flavors really nice. A few minor issues with construction: a couple relights but besides that very good cigar at a very reasonable price.
Jerome in Quebec March 29, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
"Exceeded my expectation."
I must admit, when I purchased these it was because I knew Olivia made some darn good cigars. However, a cigar with an entry level price how can it be good, right? It was more than decent if you ask me. It tasted good and burned evenly throughout the smoke. Only thing I noticed was that the taste wasn't consistent but was more than pleasing to sit through.
Mark in New York March 6, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Robusto
"An awesome cigar when aged"
I smoked a vindicator about 7 months ago and thought, a 6.5 at best. Full bodied cigar but smooth. It had a great draw and tight ash. Earthy is what I thought when I first smoked it. I aged the rest for about 5 months. The cigar gets better with age but this one turns into a masterpiece . A 9 if aged . I will be being another sampler to put away soon. When aged,the full bodied vindicator turns more into a mid to full bodied cigar.
Manny in Oswego illinois February 27, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"Not pleased, even for a low-cost stick."
Was looking for an Oliva product more in my price range so I could enjoy a cigar more often. The Vindicator looked great but tasted terrible all the way through to the end. Won't being buying them again. Still a fan of Oliva though.
Dakotah in Conway February 21, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Churchill
"a kick in the chest"
this cigar is like rubbing a horses hind leg. once you tame the beast its a great spicy cigar. the wrapping is a little inconsistand, especially towards the end. as much as i love Maduro style, this is my go to cigar...
Jeremy in Panama City Beach January 30, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Churchill
"Good, but has a bit of a bite"
The cigars were good until i really started to notice how much of a bite they had. This isn't the cigar to hand out around a fire that will impress your friends. Overall-not my go-to cigar and probably wouldn't recommend it.
Jeremy in Panama City Beach January 30, 2013 in Williamston, MI January 15, 2013
Vindicator By Oliva Churchill
"Great Smoke; Great Value"
A good, even burn with a nice draw. Typical quality Oliva construction. Great flavor, mild and consistent. My new daily "go to".
Gary in Illinois November 30, 2012
Vindicator By Oliva Toro
"Not a fan"
I was disappointed with these. While they certainly do look nice, the draw and flavor were sub par. The free Inferno I received with my five-pack tasted much better.
Nate in Blacksburg, Virginia October 24, 2012
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