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Vindicator By Oliva Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Not very good"
This got me my nicotine fix, but that's about it. It's not well-packed so it started unraveling and therefore burned somewhat unevenly, it went off pretty quickly if left unattended, and there were no flavors other than those of natural cigarette tobacco. At the end, I was reeking of pipe tobacco. If the label wasn't enough of a hint, this is a cigar for undiscerning palates, kinda like a Charles Shaw wine.
Stefan in City by the Bay October 5, 2013
"Hot...Real Hot!"
Lit well and even, but this is the only cigar I have ever had where the smoke coming off the foot and back into in my face had burned my eyes to the point of tears.
Pops in Chucktown September 18, 2013
"Doesn't get any better"
Have been sampling and smoking as many cigars as possible over the last couple of years looking for "a daily smoke". Found it, every Vindicator I light up gives me the most consistent burn and draw of any cigar I have sampled, coupled with great taste and appearance. Thanks Oliva.
Thom in South Carolina August 4, 2013
Bland and mild!
Alberto Carlos in Chicago, IL July 30, 2013
"I don't get it..."
Wow, got a free 5 pack with a box purchase, and sadly, that's all they're worth. Fan of Oliva, especially their Conn Reserve Torpedo, but these are hot, impossible draw, just not even a good "yard cigar". Won't buy.
Michael in California May 14, 2013
"Good medium+ taste, draw, and burns nice."
Very enjoyable - it was my first experience with Oliva cigars. Have purchase more.
Charlie Z in Grand Rapids, MI April 26, 2013
"Not pleased, even for a low-cost stick."
Was looking for an Oliva product more in my price range so I could enjoy a cigar more often. The Vindicator looked great but tasted terrible all the way through to the end. Won't being buying them again. Still a fan of Oliva though.
Dakotah in Conway February 21, 2013
"Not a fan"
I was disappointed with these. While they certainly do look nice, the draw and flavor were sub par. The free Inferno I received with my five-pack tasted much better.
Nate in Blacksburg, Virginia October 24, 2012
I bought 5 and have smoked 2 so far. Both have had an almost impossible draw. Not much taste or kick either. I will try the last 3 after letting them sit in the humidor for another 6 months and see if they are different. I LOVE OLIVA but these and the 3 George's Reserves have been nearly unsmokable. Too bad since they are going for $57 a box right now :-(
Roger in Stafford VA October 23, 2012
"Great Gar Good Price"
Great gar and a fair price. I got it as a freebee and hesitantly smoked it cause I wanted a short smoke that night. A pleasant surprise indeed. I found it Med to Full, that started slow but got a lot smoother and tastier quickly. The burn & draw was perfect, like a $10 stick. I'm buying a box of Toro today. TRY IT, you'll like it.
craig in santa monica CA October 14, 2012
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