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Vudu Reviews

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Vudu Toro
"Good Everyday"
Had a Liga Privada #9 and was very pleased with the $20 stick. Had the VUDU the next day and was very pleased with $2 stick. Not as consistent as a $20 cigar, but worth keeping 10 in the humi.
Paul M in St Paul July 12, 2013
Vudu Robusto
"Great this time."
Got 2 in a sampler. First one was strong and not too enjoyable. After 5 months in my humidor with cello on, this one was great. Smooth lots of creamy smoke and no bite. I will order more robustos.
Jim Thompson in Goose Cr, S Carolina June 11, 2013
Vudu Robusto
Great cigar. So many positives. Great taste, great burn, great appearance. Wrapper is a little fragile when I took the band off. Aroma isn't that nice but that's understandable being full bodied. Recommend for sure.
Josh in Alabama April 19, 2013
Vudu Toro
"Amazing after allowed to age"
My first one was after having them for about 2 weeks. the draw was difficult and it burned very slowly. It was a good cigar, but did not give the satisfaction I expected. I had another one after they aged for about 2 months and it was incredible. The burn was solid, smooth, consistent, and very satisfying. It made my commute very memorable.
Dewskerz in San Diego, CA April 4, 2013
Vudu Test Flight
"Great taste, not thrilled with the draw"
these have great flavor, though I'd suggest letting them rest for a few weeks. But 3 out of the 5 I've smoked so far have been really tight and have had a pretty poor draw.
Ted in Ohio April 2, 2013
Vudu Robusto
"Not Too Bad"
Picked these up not knowing what to expect, but for the price it is hard to beat. Has been a good after work smoke and aside from 1 or 2 small burn issues I have no complaints about the overall performance of the cigar, I will be buying more.
Ronald in central va March 27, 2013
Vudu Robusto
"I like"
I new 2 real cigars so this prob mean nothing to the seasoned smokers but i like 1 of the best i've had so far wasnt harsh kinda mellow and tasty
Roadkill in Mo March 18, 2013
Vudu Churchill
"very flavorful!!!"
I have smoked about 50+ of these beauties, in various configurations. I enjoyed the churchills the best. The only drawback I saw, was that a few of them didnt burn evenly, but if you like a cigar that is full-bodied, and produces thick, aromatic clouds of smoke, this is the one for you.
Len B. in Redding, ca. March 10, 2013
Vudu Robusto 5 Pack
"Much nicer than expected"
When I purchased this stick, it was more out of intrigue than need. This is a solid stick. I had just smoked a San Christobal write before I had this one. At first the Vudu got off to a rough start, but 2 minutes into the stick and it wasn't tasting all that different from the San Christobal.
Greg in Dayton, Oh January 31, 2013
Vudu Robusto
"Great smoke every time!!"
I love this little cigar! it's my go to daily!! A little tip though.. let this sit out of your humi about a day before you smoke it. If you smoke it while its moist gunk builds up on the cap and leaves a sour taste
Leif in Mobile al December 14, 2012
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