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Vudu Reviews

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Vudu Churchill
"very flavorful!!!"
I have smoked about 50+ of these beauties, in various configurations. I enjoyed the churchills the best. The only drawback I saw, was that a few of them didnt burn evenly, but if you like a cigar that is full-bodied, and produces thick, aromatic clouds of smoke, this is the one for you.
Len B. in Redding, ca. March 10, 2013
Vudu Robusto 5 Pack
"Much nicer than expected"
When I purchased this stick, it was more out of intrigue than need. This is a solid stick. I had just smoked a San Christobal write before I had this one. At first the Vudu got off to a rough start, but 2 minutes into the stick and it wasn't tasting all that different from the San Christobal.
Greg in Dayton, Oh January 31, 2013
Vudu Robusto
"Great smoke every time!!"
I love this little cigar! it's my go to daily!! A little tip though.. let this sit out of your humi about a day before you smoke it. If you smoke it while its moist gunk builds up on the cap and leaves a sour taste
Leif in Mobile al December 14, 2012
Vudu Robusto
"Who Knew I'd Like VUDU"
I found this to be an extremely pleasant smoke. The foot toasted beautifully and pretty much lit just from the toasting alone. I ran into very few burn issues that only required minor touch ups along the way. The flavor is complex with rich earthy, peaty, and nutty flavor that starts off with a spice that eases into smooth creamy goodness. The Mexican maduro leaf adds a wonderful oily richness that creates secondary notes of dark chocolate and vanilla. This flavor remained consistent throughout which was never biting or green; just smooth, rich and creamy. If you like fuller cigars that pack quite a wallop, you may find the VUDU lacking. However, if you appreciate the stick that can cushion you into a darker richness of flavor, I think you'll do well to have these at the ready in your humidor.
Ryan in Phoenix December 4, 2012
Vudu Robusto
"Enjoyed These Cigars!"
I bought a five pack to give them a try.Wow!The taste was right on and the smoke was creamy!The draw was the only fault that I had 3 were tight 2 ok.Ash was white/ grayish in color. No relights.
Steve in Clyde, Ohio November 19, 2012
Vudu Toro
"Great Suprise"
A good, smooth smoke with alot of flavor. Great cigar cigar if your looking for i nice deep creamy taste.
MikeTheTrucker in Colorado Springs September 18, 2012
Vudu Churchill
An enjoyable cigar with a deep rich flavor. I especially like it with a Guinness at the end of Saturday yard work! Sometimes the wrapper doesn't burn as fast as the fill.
Jeremy in Omaha, me August 3, 2012
Vudu Robusto
"B class roll, A class blend"
Overall I have to say the roll job from cigar to cigar was pretty inconsistent. Some stcks I received were rolled very loose, others packed super tight and the roll from foot to cap is pretty inconsistent as well. Despite the flawed construction they were still very smokeable and there were no major burn issues, any issues surprisingly corrected themselves rather quickly! It does burn rather fast but did not effect the flavor at all and still was a rather cool smoke. The blend is very tasty, i like the spice from beginning to end and the subtle berry notes were very interesting and enjoyable. Not a super complex smoke but not every cigar needs to be. While it may not be a pretty looking cigar, the blend is top notch and i will be ordering more.
Curtis in Santa Clarita, CA July 27, 2012
Vudu Toro
It was a struggle to get it burn evenly, tasted decent but overall i give it a C.
mp July 9, 2012
Vudu Churchill
"Great cigar at an affordable price,very smooth,tha"
This is one of Rockys best and one of my favorites,a cigar smoker for over 43 years,I keep 40 of these in my humi,they are my go to cigar when I'm ready to relax and enjoy....obtw if your cigar shop isnt up to par and the cigars are dry...don't buy there...it's the only way they will learn we know what we should get when we lay down our bucks for smoke's.
Ron in Cleveland,Tn. June 3, 2012
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