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Vudu Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Enjoyed These Cigars!"
I bought a five pack to give them a try.Wow!The taste was right on and the smoke was creamy!The draw was the only fault that I had 3 were tight 2 ok.Ash was white/ grayish in color. No relights.
Steve in Clyde, Ohio November 19, 2012
"B class roll, A class blend"
Overall I have to say the roll job from cigar to cigar was pretty inconsistent. Some stcks I received were rolled very loose, others packed super tight and the roll from foot to cap is pretty inconsistent as well. Despite the flawed construction they were still very smokeable and there were no major burn issues, any issues surprisingly corrected themselves rather quickly! It does burn rather fast but did not effect the flavor at all and still was a rather cool smoke. The blend is very tasty, i like the spice from beginning to end and the subtle berry notes were very interesting and enjoyable. Not a super complex smoke but not every cigar needs to be. While it may not be a pretty looking cigar, the blend is top notch and i will be ordering more.
Curtis in Santa Clarita, CA July 27, 2012
"Great Taste, Great Smoke!"
I was pleasantly surprised. I got this in a Sampler pack. Robusto not my go to size, i prefer toro, but i smoked this down until it was burning my fingers. Slight uneven burn, did not need to correct it, great full bodied cigar, sweet and creamy. I will come back to this one!
Jason in Texas June 2, 2012
"If you value your tastebuds PASS"
I had one of these quite a while ago and it was pretty nice. I just lit one up and took a handful of puffs and it was horrid. Let it burn for a few minutes and still horrid. Sorry I couldn't make it through this one completely.
Ian in Columbus,OH May 22, 2012
"Definitely a must-try (IMO)"
The reason I liked this stick was that, it was so naturally sweet (lots of earth courtesy of the San Andrean maduro, also this berry taste both on the palate and retrohale) plus it was spicy! Honestly I'm not the biggest fan of Rocky, but starting at $4 per unit in a box purchase I can barely complain. My only problem is the longer sizes - they seem to want to burn out at about 2"; I prefer the robustos. I also find the burn to be rather uneven but not too much of a problem for me.
Dave in San Antonio, TX April 10, 2012
What a very complex smoke that I would see if some are just used to smoking Doms. would not like. Very strong yet smooth tasting all the way through. I will always have a couple in my humy for when I really feel like smoking a Cigar
DonB in Suffolk VA February 23, 2012
"Great price, even better smoke"
If you enjoy full bodied, peppery cigars you will truly savor this little delight.
Barnabus S in Lancaster February 23, 2012
"Will buy more"
Pleasant surprise for me. I did not expect much from this cigar. Smoked a rob. from a sampler. I liked it and will be buying more to smoke.
FNA in NJ February 16, 2012
I unlike some of the others giving reviews thought that the Vudu had great taste. Lot's of strong pepper, lots of spice, with a nice creamy full bodied draw. I'll definately buy these again.
Wes in Southwest Iowa January 21, 2012
"Another Disappointment from Rocky"
As a young boy I was taught that if you can't say anything nice to say nothing at all. "Nothing at all"
william in los angeles January 16, 2012
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